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Birthday: 12/10

M¥ MuS¡¢!!!!

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gather round children to hear the story of the best thing that's ever happened!.......Sup kid, so we all kno i am a flirt i love basketball nd i love boxing!I don't hit first but i do hit back so if you wanna start s**t i'll be good to fight! i love my wifey NICKI MINAJ heart heart and i love my fans and my bigger fans A.K.A mahh lovely HATERZ hahaha! i hate rice scream and i hate fake a** ppl that wanna hate on me for no specific reason! i love life and my fam(ily) everyone knows the world revovles around mehh and once yuh discovr that it will be much easier! 4laugh haha i plan to take over the world twisted and ilub (yess lub) singing and dancing and acting if yuhr gunna h8 then go bck to yuhr talentless life @ ur talentless job @ MCdonald's cuz you 'femal doggiez' dramallama r really gunna bark when im famous.............well you kno enough stalkerz hahaha nd get off gaia :alreddy wink hahahahaha SO LONG HATERZ MUAHHHH!!!! iLUBB U SO ninja ......………… rofl mrgreen

MAhH! W!f3¥ NiCKi M!nAJ DoinG H3R M@G!ç