Hi, my name is Emily, but most people call me Emz, or Em. I am also called Riz, or Rizla. I'm 13 years old and live in a nice place called Somerset which is in England.
My favourite colour is blue, and lucky number is 2 because I was born on the 2/2. My star sign is Aquarius, and my Gaia star sign is Epistola. My favourite food is tuna sandwiches, pasta, and vegetables. Except sprouts. Yuck!
I have one lazy ginger cat called William, who is about 11 or 12 years old. I have an adorable little golden hamster called Sprout who is going to be 2 this year. And I also have two funny guinea pigs, one dark brown with a ginger belly called Sooty, and one gingery-blondish, called Scampy. I did have a white one called Sweep and a rabbit called Sue but they both died. Yes I was a fan of the Sooty Show.
I like Metal music like Alice In Chains and Megadeth although I do like female singers such as Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne and Hayley Westenra.
I love Japanese Anime (not the anime shows with the pathetic english dubs that ruin the character's voice) and my all time favourites are Tokyo Mew Mew, Love Hina and Love Hina Again, and Azumanga Daioh.

I have a new dream avatar!
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Like it, everyone? ;D I've got a nice, stable pile of cash now from the sale of my best friend Suyara's generous donations - all of her most expensive items - and I have about 160k now, much more than I've ever had in my entire time on gaia. It's all thanks to Suyara. She's the best!

Alrighty, checklist!

[x] Girls Romantic Pink
[x] KiKi Kitty Plushie
[ ] Prism Butterfly Mantilla
[x] Purple UpsideDown Coat
[x] Violet PomPom Scarf
[x] Neo Gloves
[x] Flashion Purple Skirt
[x] Purplemarine UpsideDown Boots

Although the KiKi kitty is the only plushie in my Dream Avatar, I've decided to let the CoCo that I bought with Suyara's donation stay aswell. I think they're both so sweet, I can't get rid of CoCo. Who would keep my head warm if I did?

Awesome Donators:
Healing Rain

Thankyou guys!


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40th comment! biggrin
What's up?

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(random comment) I love your avatar! Very cute!

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May wanna update your checklist, sweetie. ^.^

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Hey Emz! ^.^
I missed j00! I was so busy in school that I haven't mailed my friends.

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A little bit random but "HI"

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I like the purple. ^.^

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Yah, the new avi looks nifty! ^.^

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like your new avi, your soooo lucky

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Aah, if you collect 1 candy from each of the shop keepers (not including Gold Mountain and The Faktori), you can trade the candy (there must be 10 candies altogether) with Jack (who stalks one of the towns, I saw him last in Barton) to get a goodie bag (containing special halloween clothing). You can also do this in GaiaTowns (though you have to collect 100 candies total to get the bag).

...It's not as confusing as I make it sound. o.O (honestly...)

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Shore. Have all the booze ya want! biggrin

You can be an alien too if you buy a Zurg Energy Drink sometime today, and buy a Bino one too so you can become human again afterwards. ^.^ This years even involved lots of forum stalking, the tipping/probing of cows in said forums, the zapping of aliens, and the probing of humans. It got rather frustrating at points.

My bum happens to be rather sore, as well.


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That's me, huh.