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First of all my name is {{DIAGET}} but I go by [[DEE-DEE]].
I was sent to this Earth by GOD on May 6th to be a leader.
I am really determined and I fight for what I want...&& i HAVE BiG GOALS FOR MYSELF...I live to love. I am also really caring, but at times I get to a point where I DONT CaRe. I am talkative if you know me really well, If not I'm [[SHY]].
I'm understanding, intelligent, goofy & BLAH BLAH BLAH. [[I CAN GO ON & ON]]...
Sometimes I can be [[COCKY]] with my words, they are just so slick...OooPSZ...YES I DO I REP my C'S...IM CLASSY, CONFiDENT, COOL, COLLECTIVE, & MOST OF ALL [[CONCEiTED]]....l0l. Now, do you have a problem?? If so you can take it up with the judge because this case is dismissed.THE WORD [[ENOUGH]] iSNT iN MY VOCABULARY SO iF YOU WONNA KNO MOR3 ABOUT [[THiS CELEBRiTY]] DEN JUX CLiCK DAT BUTTON && WRiTE UP!! -DUECE