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Art by kupo-tenshi (no pestering, she was sweet and does for wishlist items xD)

Thank you/donated to Ligressy Thank you List is on the side now!! -->

~ * ~___________________________________________________~ * ~<

Ligressy Is Currently Questing:
New Items in Cash Shop- cause I liek shiny things!

CRUSHING ON: Mandys soul xD

. Past Collectibles/Evolving Items!

Points O Interest: OCTOBER 14th, was Ligressy's Birthday!! biggrin YAY!!
I got me few really shiny gifts, thank you my friends ;3

Hi I am Ligressy! I was super Addicted to neopets and Neocash but I am also
now really broke cash wise so I am playing here as well to help fill my soulless needs.

Oh wait I just said that out loud...*SMACKS SELF*

Ligress Art by Seraphimillia (Yay thanks for the lovely 'mish! <3)
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No steals this, it is drawn for me ONLY, of me, Ligressy !! biggrin

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More art of Ligress! by Seux(offsite artist) of my OC 'Ligress'
( I am Ligress/ Ligressy), she is me, I is she.... biggrin

( I will not link Seux as her site may cause seizures, but you can google her!)
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NO STEALS this ....I KILL :3

I mostly like shiny things and probably will make impulse purchases and change my avatar quite often seeing as I love stuff and decorating things. I don't know how to make my fish tank any better without dropping mad dollars in I don't have so maybe if you can spare me some taps (they are kind of free, yes?) I would be super grateful xD

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Ligressy by Photosoph!!!
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No touchy I love this art ~
ligressy, she is granting your wishes! I love it so much you can smile as you come by here (my first beautiful full body av pic on gaia!!! thank you dear)~<3

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All my fishtank items are Quested via Aquarium BG unless noted (or they were gifted by Mandy! *SPOILED*)

~>>'FISHTANK' THANKS! biggrin <<< ~
(regular thanks on my Thanks list!):

*9/9 I bought 1 Aquarium Sakura Flower, 1 Aquarium Graceful Cherry, 1Aquarium String of lights, 1Luck Key (used- got a Aquarium Kiki catfish (9k)-saving for later when I have a better tank xD)

Thank you (name withheld as not sure they want listed) for 2 Aquarium Hermit Cats Donated to me! biggrin *HUGS*

*9/20 ish? lol Mandy got Me 3 candycorns and a Gwee and a Stone Thingy!

9/?? Keely got me a Candycorn fish <3

10/?? Mandy dropped a TON O CANDYCORN fish on me. OMG!!! biggrin

10/14 Teh Kitt3n gots me a Candcorn fish for my bday!! biggrin

11/09 Mandy got me a DOLPHIN <3 a lawnshark <3 and a Mr Pinchi!!

>~ * ~___________________________________________________~ * ~<

I COLLECT ANY SORT OF PET TYPES! ~ and love items with 'many forms' please mail me if you want to work out some sort of my trading really poor art for something xD
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Thank you for visiting my profile and don't forget to share the taps with all you meet! wink

Signature of Love

>>>++RUN BY A NOOB BOOTYGRAB 2!! < Please GRAB+ bump! 4laugh BIG GOLD $$

~ LIGRESSY GLOW~ If I glow please bump my thread- (reply box) or above link!
Thanks Mandy+ Keely for gwee, pinchi, dolphy, some candycorn! <3

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GummeyBear Report | 04/25/2010 1:14 pm
tapped fish tank for you
Zae Report | 04/18/2010 8:29 am
Hey. heart Have you been around gaia lately?
Miss your thread~ was tons of fun. :]
NichiTsukinoko Report | 02/01/2010 10:17 pm
Hey Essy! I hope you're doing ok. I tried calling you and I haven't heard back and I haven't seen you online for awhile. Please contact me and let me know what's going on!
Smiley0831 Report | 01/26/2010 8:31 pm

What is that green ball called cause i forgot.
Kirei29 Report | 01/19/2010 4:36 pm
You have the cutest avatar I've ever seen.
Sterling Sword Master Report | 12/29/2009 10:37 pm
Sterling Sword Master
thx for buying that kelp thing from me and also nice gaia forum for booty grab it's awesome that's how i plan to make a lot of money hopefully lol
MyMoonlitDream Report | 12/29/2009 6:05 pm
Thank you so much for the gift!! heart
NichiTsukinoko Report | 12/24/2009 4:16 pm
Merry Christmas! See you at work!!!
Sephira Aizen Report | 12/23/2009 1:16 pm
Sephira Aizen
Thanks for buying!!
Sabines Ghost Report | 12/18/2009 2:01 pm
Sabines Ghost
your* (bad person Dx)


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Birthday: 10/14

Occupation: Coffee Slinger


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LIGRESSY'S EPIC Thank you List!!!

All my thank yous are now
here by requestcause my wishlist's donated list
was getting huge!!

Thank you!:
NichiTsukinoko for my Black Wolf and Vampire's Blood Moon, Dynasty Warriors Tiger's Head Mask (and lots of starter gear thats really cute) !
(and Inviting me to Gaia! ) biggrin

Thank you gothic chick42 for Skull Biker Helmet Black, Soot Black Face Paint, and Cuttlephones!! *dance*

thank you Sepra for (you know xD)

9/9 Thank you Draco_Sama for Sealed Envelope! (Yayayayay!)
My first Cash Giftie! (well other then the key I 'gave' myself lol)
I can't wait to see what happens!

9/18 OMG Cecil Donated by rockstar momo-licious Kewkey_Monstah !!

9/18 Thank you Mandy! gifts received!! (MY BUDDY FOR LIFE biggrin )
*Snowman Suit * Snowman Hat
* The Nightmare 6th Gen. * Heart Eye Patch
* Angelic Manner *Dirty Martini *Pizza (XD)

9/20 *Superior Form, Fire Flower, Wild Things from my Mandy! biggrin

9/21 *Summoning Tome, Candy Corn Fish! And Stone Thingie From Mandy!
9/22 -10/08 TONS o cool stuff from Mandy And Keely <3 will not list it you would be jealous <.< Lets just say ALMOST FULL CANDYCORN TANK CandyCORN items (;Trick or Treat Sack 3rd gen!!!)3 The Experiment

9/??- 10/8-10/12 Thank you Keely for all the gifties! (carrot, headphones, star tattoos, cute stuff like my Heart Lollipop)!

10/12 In advanced honor o' my birthday (10/14) Thank you!!! received gifts from Keely and Mandy, my pretty dress and a birthday cupcake and Mantis lol <3

10/14 Aquarium Candycorn Fish from Teh Kitt3n!! Thank you biggrin
10/14 Thank you Keely for the Korora the Little Blue Penguin Plush!! biggrin
10/14 Thank you Many For the Birthday Crown and Cupcake!!
10/14 Thank you Nichole for the Fairy Wand! biggrin

10/15 Thank you Mandy for my GOLDEN FLEECY OMG!!!

10/31 Thank you for my Cloak of the Dead Mandy!

11/? Thank you Mandy for the TWO Fall of the Morning Star s OMFG!! YAY! Azrael's Trickboxes ;3
11/3 Thank you Keely for the Holy Gauntlets!

11/3 Thank you Mandy For Her Infernal Majesty, Night Fright Eyes! OMG @_@

11/7 Thank you!! Mandy <3
Everyone Mood Bubble, Raging Night Jewel, Black Magic Wig, Drystans Hair Pin, Nomy The Snail!
and SERIOUSLY OMFG Azrael's Trickbox (9)- In which you watched me open xD

11/8 BAD MOON, Death Whisper, and Padmavati's Lotus, Picolitrosso's Urn..... HOLY ****
Mandy thank you *cries happily* I am so spoiled omfg thank you! Black Magic Hair!!

11/? The Nightmare from Mandy! *falls over* Now I can look ultra sexy ;3 AND A DOLPHIN OMFG A DOLPHIN <3

11/21 Thank you Mandy for Mr. Pinchi and MY FIRST LAWNSHARK OMG YAY!

Mandy, Keely: Thank you for Kottan Bell, The Masquerade (x2), Unicorn, Raider Shih's Garment, Naritan Rock,Leopard Couture, Masterpieces, The Moon (Mewn Mew!), Faustos Bottle (2nd Gen),all the other lovely gifts!! <3

TristyHawaii- Drop Necklace Thank you!!

NichiTsukinoko thank you for Shell Collection!!

Anon Christmas donater thank you for the Red Flow Prom Dress! So pretty!

Zae fir Rainbow Mood Bubble!! AWWW thank you!


$$ Gaia Cash Gifts $$ (*NOMS*)

7 gifts received

  • Azrael's Trickbox Bundle (9 Pack)

    From Fidelia Hornes

  • Seafoam Gown

    From Miss Bat Queen

  • The Nightmare 6th Gen.

    From Fidelia Hornes

  • Heart Eye Patch

    From Fidelia Hornes

  • Angelic Manner

    From Fidelia Hornes

  • Thank You Letter for September 2009

    From private

  • Luck Key

    From Ligressy


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My last epic grabs I sceenied
(sorry I have to play low quality so image stinks):
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User Image New hi-score for me!

9/2 Epic grab (beaten) User Image
Fidelia Hornes
Queen Fae
Miss Bat Queen
The Infamous Manny-kun

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Questing- Evolving Items/Pets
Forums- Aquarium (Booty Grab)
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Drools Over:
Momo ^ Gwee ^ Meatie Fishtanks
Good Art biggrin
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