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Well hello there!

I'm Riot, or Rae, or Pikachu (Yes, there is a story behind that nickname)- whichever you prefer. I'm 20 years old and have been on and off Gaia for years now with this being my most beloved account ('Cause lezbihonest, when I first started I was a pathetic little account.)

Now, let's get to know me shall we?

gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
gaia_crown I have 4 pets: 2 cats (Trickster and Ivy) and 2 dogs (Tink and Griz)
gaia_crown I love to sing more than most other things.
gaia_crown Total I've taken three different classes in dance: Ballet, hip-hop, and ballroom (Not like I remember much but hey, it counts right?)
gaia_crown Language wise, I took 2 years of French, a year of Spanish, and have been desperately trying to teach myself Italian and Japanese.
gaia_crown I'm a Winter baby; born in January but my favorite season is Autumn :3 so many pretty colors!
gaia_crown I traveled to New Zealand after graduating high school where I spent about 11 months experiencing and learning to love almost everything there (Minus White Tails. Eff those things. Don't know what it is? Good. They're nightmares+horror movies+scorpions+the devil's arse-hole.)
gaia_crown I love to roleplay and would like to consider myself literate as writing is another passion of mine. I am willing to try almost anything but please understand; the less I understand about what I'm roleplaying or the less experience I have, the shorter my posts will be until I am more comfortable.
gaia_crown I love a good random conversation or pm so don't feel shy to message me :3 I am extremely chatty
gaia_crown I have the mouth of a sailor but I've learned to control it very well
gaia_crown Most often I am a very confident and outgoing person but I revert back to my 'shy days' if I'm unsure- through typing this sometimes may come off as overly cordial and serious so there's your warning xD
gaia_crown I have a tendency to get wrapped up in the real world (Just like most of us I'm sure) so if I don't log in for ages; don't be dejected I shall return! I always do
gaia_crown I am a natural redhead. Yeah...Go ahead with the ginger jokes. It's not like you assholes have any new material or anything.
gaia_crown I was a drama kid from middle school all the way to senior year and ~
along with the rest of my class/team, we took our state title 5 years in a row.
gaia_crown The last thing I'll leave you with is this: I'm always willing to give everyone a fair shot but when you've blown that shot you don't get another one. I would not have a reason- at least on Gaia- to be angry at any user for no reason so if you've upset me, you actually did do something.
gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright

Let's end it here shall we? Thank you for reading through this whole thing! Have a yummy :3 yum_cupcake


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ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 10:46 pm

this is how I set up my samples;

Ilistasta's Samples;
ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 10:17 pm

alright; so the best place to make a sample forum would be [here]
I have an example of mine [it's super simple] if you wanna see it.
Just let me know x3
ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 9:39 pm

I know ;A;
but I'm glad that I can be here to inform you of these things xP
ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 9:24 pm

Dude, if you vote so many days in a row you get a prize that you can sell for some decent gold o.o
At least it was decent last I checked >w<
ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 9:13 pm

hey you should enter as many of those as possible :3
aside from the fact that they're super addicting,
you can definitely make some decent money out of it.
mostly from voting xP
ilistasta Report | 12/14/2016 9:11 pm

I really love the outfit you have right now ;A;

I'm also glad that you're back on emotion_bigheart

Dalishly Paragon Report | 02/22/2015 11:44 am
Dalishly Paragon
Aaaaay yooooooo I love you bunches
FireStarTeddy Report | 08/19/2014 7:29 am
cool avi


Please help me create my ultimate Elsa avatar! Every little bit is appreciated!




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