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OMGROARASAURUS REX - The Most amazing Dinosaur Ever
-Call me Louiee smile
-Me and Alex are FISH
-I'm actually a Tiger
-I'm Candyface :'|
-Fear The Legend of CANDYFACE
-Lights, Camera, SLAWTER

Hey biggrin I'm louiee.
I'm sixteen and live in England.
I go hyper on cola, and can be totally random at times
But i'm okay to talk to....I hope.


[/color:6f12778df1][i:6f12778df1][u:6f12778df1]LET THERE BE LIGHT[/u:6f12778df1][/i:6f12778df1][/size:6f12778df1]



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Walrushugger Report | 08/23/2010 4:33 pm
lawl i is not sad though i honestly think the story of how i got my cut is kind of funny... people in my class seem to think so... i didn't tell them but, my friend Adriana decided to tell everyone in the room xD
Walrushugger Report | 08/22/2010 6:49 pm
lawl xD sadly i do...
Walrushugger Report | 08/20/2010 4:53 pm
TwT it also hurt like hell
Walrushugger Report | 08/17/2010 12:05 pm
my sister spilled nail polish on my arm -w- i couldn't find nail polish remover so i got a sponge and started to scrub it off... it started to hurt... and i thought i cut my arm but ii wasn't sure until the next morning... cuz thats when it actually looked like a cut 0-o it looks nasty! Dx
Walrushugger Report | 08/15/2010 3:06 pm
ahhh!!!! meh bored owo... oh and i'm a freakin idiot -w- i cut my arm... with... a sponge.... -w- it hurts like hell
Walrushugger Report | 08/12/2010 6:26 pm
Hiya!!! whee
dragon ninja599 Report | 08/12/2010 2:14 pm
dragon ninja599
Nice profile