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Hm.. Guten Tag. I am Ludwig. Refer to me as Herr Beilschmidt. I am the representative of Germany. A pleasure to meet you. *While speaking the blond shifts from a very lightly relaxed posture to one of absolute attention while offering his hand by way of slicing the air with it then he gives a soft grunt of recognition after shaking it with the visitor. He pauses to clear his throat as though thinking over what to do with guests that were not familiar to him* Lunch has been arranged and it is waiting for us in the--

*His words are cut off when a ring tone in Italian, a bouncy and light tone, flitters through out the room. Not wanting to turn his back on the guest but needing to do so as a blush starts to form on high cheek bones, the German quickly pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and lifts it to his ear, his eyes darting from the guest to the phone as if unsure of what to do or say to either so he chooses the phone and he sounds as if he is struggling to get a word in edgewise* Ja? Ah.. ah... Nein, as always you are the only one who.. F.. Feliciano! Are you alrig-- *Again and again he is cut off while trying to solve what ever problem the Italian had over the phone* Nein, Nein, stay where you are! I will be there-- Was?... Ja. You.. may come over instead. I... F.... Felici-- *Frustration mounts as he suddenly cuts the other off instead with a bark of instruction* I will see you off the plane when you arrive and now I am leaving! *The phone is beeped into silence and the German feels his muscles starting to relax already only for them to tense again, shoulders becoming a bit more squared as he attempts a slightly shaking smile around the blush that was only getting darker and darker for a stranger to see him in such a state* May I... offer you Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte..?


This is a roleplay account for Germany/Ludwig from the anime/web comic Hetalia.

Hello to you from me! This is my first attempt at rping as Germany and I hope I do him justice! Feel free to give me all the practice I can handle and then some! I roleplay anywhere, including threads and messaging.

I'll give you a bit more on how Germany behaves around other nations when I get around to researching their current relationships but for now I can tell you that he is modern and perfectly canon in most ways that I can think of! >:L

As a small warning and as you can tell from the small chunk of dialog at the top to introduce the character I tend toward rambling in the worst of ways so if you are used to one liners and only one those I might not be the best to talk to. >w<;; Sorry~.

Lets have fun!



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Pagong V Report | 05/26/2015 3:21 am
Pagong V
[[Hello! biggrin ]]


If it isn't mein bruder!

tiinysatan Report | 01/16/2013 11:35 am
Maccheroni Arte Angel Report | 08/08/2012 2:16 pm
Maccheroni Arte Angel
I couldn't help it! I just started to run away on instinct!! It was so scary! So so scary!!! -clings to him and cries into his shirt- THE GNOMES WERE BULLIES!!!!
Maccheroni Arte Angel Report | 08/08/2012 2:04 pm
Maccheroni Arte Angel
-sniffles- That was scary, Germany!!!
Maccheroni Arte Angel Report | 07/17/2012 5:05 pm
Maccheroni Arte Angel
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Ludwig...He was shirtless, something he wasn't even when he was asleep! Feliciano had thought a few times that Ludwig wore clothes even when he showered...But now, Feliciano could see that wasn't true as water dripped and streamed down Ludwig's pale skin, running in the smooth lines of Ludwig's muscles. And there were so many muscles...His hair was even mussed! And those tight pants got dark as water seeped into the waistline. The shined leather boots stayed unaffected, stern and shiny against the concrete of the floor, even as a small puddle formed. Feliciano swallowed hard and thought once again just how thirsty he was. Ludwig looked very cool and wet and...- Ve...-he heard his name and saw those lips form words, but he heard nothing. This was a moment that Nonno had told him of. It was a moment of amore. When he could feel his heart race and his blood boil and he felt very hot around his ears and cheeks and he smiled dreamily. It felt very nice and Ludwig looked very nice...Without another thought, he did as he thought he should. All he had to was lean forward and with closed eyes, he braced him hands on Ludwig's broad shoulders, feeling them tense and move under his fingertips, and then bent his head to follow a line of water with his tongue.- Mmm...-he licked and licked, tasting the warm water and the salt of Ludwig's skin. He didn't smell of anything but skin and sweat and the water but Feliciano loved it. It was so like Ludwig to be so plain...His tongue wiggled against the muscle likes playfully, finding a n****e and lavishing it. Ludwig's nipples were so pink! Who would have known? Feliciano contented himself by running his hands down Ludwig's sides even as his mouth continued to throughly explore Ludwig's chest. There really was so very much to explore...He could not imagine why he had not done it before! How strange~-
Maccheroni Arte Angel Report | 07/17/2012 5:04 pm
Maccheroni Arte Angel
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Veee...Germannnyyy...-Feliciano gave a lazy whine, a soft sigh from his plump lips as Ludwig hauled him from his comfy napping spot. His hand felt so small in Ludwig's large, gloved hand. The leather felt hot and sticky against his skin and he wondered if he would be able to get it unstuck. Ludwig always gripped so hard, but managed not to crush. He was so strong and controlled! Feliciano couldn't imagine being so strong. He was sure that he would be so clumsy if he were so strong! Idly, he imagined himself as tall as one of Kiku's monsters and as strong as one too. Buildings would be crushed! People would run screaming! He would tower over them and each of his 'Ve's would be as loud as a tidal wave! It would be so scary! He was scared of heights!! And to be soooo tall! Feliciano shook his head free of the image before he got too scared and realized with a slow blink that Ludwig had been talking the whole time. What had he been saying? Oh well~ Such pretty flowers and trees this summer. Germany could be so pretty sometimes...It was strange, considering the strangeness of Berlin and other German cities...But in the country, Germany was very pretty...Lots of sloping, soft hills and then flat land for meters and meters! Only a few trees, here and there. It made Feliciano want to lean down and run his fingers through the soft grass, perhaps pluck a few flowers and wear them as a crown. Oh! Or perhaps give them to fratello! Or Kiku...Kiku would probably like them more, considering he had not had a chance to make it to their training time! Kiku could be so busy...!- Oh! We are here, Germany~ -Feliciano had once again gotten lost in his thoughts and was surprised to see the little building that had come to stand for things he did not look forward to...Pouting a little, he went to the rusted water and began to lap at it, tanned nose wrinkling in distaste. It tasted like it had been cooked in a rusty pot. Warm and metallic...But he drank it, because he was very thirsty, but it made him even thirstier, he was sure! Desperetly, he lapped and licked at the water, gulping it as he got thirstier and thirstier. But then! Ludwig took the hose from him!- Veee...Germany, I wasn't done! -he whined before he look, prepared to whine and perhaps even cry a bit, when he was cut short with a little noise.
Maccheroni Arte Angel Report | 07/17/2012 1:37 pm
Maccheroni Arte Angel
-Ahhh...The sun was so warm. The breeze was so perfect. The grass was soft. Feliciano snuggled against his own hand, his cheek cradled against his palm. The shadows of the leaves were dappled across his tanned face and he watched as the sweet breeze rustled the green, green leaves of the tree. It looked like a fluttering ocean in the sky. He thought about painting this scene and smiled, closing his eyes and imagining it. So peaceful. He was getting sleepy...Everything was just so comfortable.- AH! -Feliciano jolted at the loud, barking voice that interrupted his peace and sat up so fast it almost hurt- Veee...Germany! -the Italian boy whined and began to pout, leaning against the rough trunk of the tree and clinging to it, his arms wrapped around the wide trunk, so wide that his fingertips did not even touch, even stretched so wide.- I am not slacking off...I was walking towards the training area, but then I found this beautiful tree, in this beautiful meadow! I was reminded of when I was a little child, just a babe, and I got sleepy so I laid down on the grass and the sun was so bright so I had to get under the shade to cool off and it was so nice that I just wanted to stay and relax and I really did not mean to Germany...-Feliciano opened his eyes against the sun as he heard boots stomping over the grass. But then his breath caught in his throat. Ludwig's black leather boots gleamed in grass. They were so shiny, the strings going all the way up to Ludwig's muscled calf...Hazel eyes traveled up the lacing and up to the pressed green pants. He couldn't see anything...But his lips were dry and as he licked them, he thought he might want to see something. His imagination ran wild. Ludwig's voice was so scary and strong, his face like a thunderstorm. But Feliciano hugged the tree tighter and stared up at the man, feeling a bit too warmed by the sun. Blue eyes were like ice from under the strict brim of his military cap...Feliciano could imagine them staring down at him, disapprovingly, like they were now...Except with different orders. Ones that he would be better at following. He licked his lips again and felt his cheeks flush from the heat, just soft. Not quite embarrassed, as his eyes never drifted.- Veee...Germany...I'm thirsty.


"He who is happy, feels; he who is unhappy, thinks."

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