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Well, I love horse back riding, drawing, story writting, writing poetry, role playing, movies, music, and reading. I am also Bi. To be honest... if you dont like gays or bi's then just get the hell off my profile... it offends me when someone starts in with that kind of crap and I know it offends other people.... instead of putting down someone who is gay or bi why dont you try to get to know them... they are actually some pretty cool people, I know several of them and they are really friendly if given the chance... so instead of putting them down and making their life worse with the mistreatment just get to know them, sometimes they need all the friends they can get... they are pretty truthful people so just get over yourself and go make a gay/bi friend. Another thing that pisses me off is when people use derogitory terms towards Bi's/Gays/Lesbians and also derogitory terms such as: Whore, ******, Slut, b***h, Etc yeah..... DO NOT ******** USE s**t LIKE THAT AROUND ME OR MY FRIENDS!!!! it pisses me off and i know my friends dont like it.... Another thing I cant stand is when people are rude to me... if your going to be rude.. I'll be rude right back. want me to be nice, be nice back.

I do Avi Art when I'm asked and I have a few examples of things I have drawn.

For People:

For Zalgoain: [link]

Other Examples:




Arrogant, power-hungry, and relentless - I'm a Sadistic Seme! #semeuke What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at [link]

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You are a Sadistic Seme!
It takes a special kind of uke to appreciate the punishment you dish out. Making them beg for mercy is what you're all about. You give your uke the gift of pain, and the louder their moans are, the more satisfied with the relationship you'll be. It's no fun if they don't struggle, and struggle and torture is what the Dramatic Uke, your perfect match, lives for.
Most compatible with: Dramatic Uke
Least compatible with: Everyone else
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I am a Wolven Furry. My coat is Black with Dark Fire radiating from the tip of my tail. Parts of my fur are the color of dark fire to match my fiery soul. My favorite things are spending time with those I love, cuddling, listening to the sounds of nature as well as my music, basking under the summer sun, and hunting. I have soft fur, and a lovable personality. I favor rough sex and I am protective over those I care passionately about.

Im trying to achieve this avi. Some of these items I already have.

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Total Value: 637,249 Gold
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Item List:
Black Wolf
Bone Demon Mask
Fallen King
Skull Biker Black Leather Strides
Burnt Red Tassled Hessians
Superior Form
Black Widow


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Anything i damn well want it to be

anything i want


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-Miharu-Deibisu- Report | 12/26/2017 3:09 am
Happy Happy Birthday, Light! Hope you had a Merry Merry Christmas, too! :3
Oni121 Report | 05/24/2015 10:36 pm
I look forward to that
Oni121 Report | 05/24/2015 2:57 pm
your pets are so cute
Dafaithfulone Report | 11/03/2014 1:57 pm
Dafaithfulone Report | 07/25/2014 5:51 am
Dafaithfulone Report | 07/24/2014 5:32 am
It's the same account, just changed my name. Sorry for the confusion!
Dafaithfulone Report | 07/23/2014 6:45 am
It's Jenn!! wink
Dafaithfulone Report | 07/22/2014 5:37 am
Dropping by to say hello
Fayina Akasana Report | 06/20/2014 7:53 am
Fayina  Akasana
Aww poor babies. I hope they're better now.
I'm glad everything is decent and not horribly unbearable. Things are ok for me. I've hit a rough spots with my family but other than that I can't complain.
Fayina Akasana Report | 06/19/2014 10:06 am
Fayina  Akasana
Hey bud! Been a long time!
I hope everything's well!







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