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 YUUKI ASUNA 「 結城明日奈 」

■ ■ Age: 17
■ ■ Gender: Female
■ ■ Boyfriend: Kirito «The BIack Swordsman»


   Asuna is the heroine and the partner of Kirito in the Sword Art Online series. She is the former sub-leader of the «Knights of the Blood Oath» guild in «Sword Art Online». Her real name is Yuuki Asuna, and she is the daughter of the CEO of RECTO Progress Inc. In the near future after the residents were freed from SAO by The Black Swordsman Kirito, she is still imprisoned by the fiance her parents chose for her, Sugou. Instead of being released from SAO, she and 300 other former SAO players are trapped in the World Tree of the new game «ALfheim Online». Originally, she makes her escape into the lab facility within the World Tree, stealing an admin card, only to be caught and returned to her prison. She is saved by Kirito, leaving Sugou in jail after being defeated by Kirito. Asuna eventually meets her savior in the real world, and joins him in ALO with a newly modified avatar.
«To be continued.»
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   To my wonderful boyfriend The BIack Swordsman for this amazing profile. And for everything else he's given to my life. I love you. ♥

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