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Tempest the Zorua Report | 03/26/2017 9:20 am
Tempest the Zorua
Happy birthday!!!!!
Nyx Leviathan Report | 01/31/2017 9:51 pm
Nyx Leviathan
Funny all I am feeling is a strange tingling that tells me your lurking again -_-

Twisted Tamashi Report | 01/19/2017 11:09 pm
Twisted Tamashi
what r u doing ?
Twisted Tamashi Report | 01/19/2017 10:58 pm
Twisted Tamashi
sabreworg Report | 02/03/2016 4:37 am
Hi to yourself awesome person. X3
SokoBlairse13thsin Report | 12/03/2015 1:16 am
hey sorry bout the wait posted in level two blaugh
Great Sage of Heaven Report | 09/14/2015 5:39 pm
Great Sage of Heaven
Where dat boss fight be?
Great Sage of Heaven Report | 04/26/2015 9:28 pm
Great Sage of Heaven
it wont let me view the thread :[
Great Sage of Heaven Report | 04/26/2015 11:38 am
Great Sage of Heaven
Has the boss fight happened?
Artificial M0nstrosity Report | 03/25/2015 9:28 am
Artificial M0nstrosity
HAPPY BIRTHDAY emotion_yatta

LightAngelOfVCS & DarkAngelOfVCS

LightAngelOfVCS's avatar

Location: The Amazon Rainforest

Birthday: 03/25

Occupation: Hobo Ninja (Argh)


Quote for fast replies! I'm married. No romance: includes stealing a kiss. Flirting or crushing is ok, but mine stay single. lol

User Image
"Take steps together as if life was a dance. Stumble and fall. Glide and soar. Despite the outcome as long as you're having fun with the ones you love the next step is always worth it." ~Light


Alright well first off,
to DarkAngelOfVCS in real life.

Oh and next off..

ninja I AM NINJA O_O
I am also really weird, but fun to hang out with.

I am Completely IN LOVE with DarkAngelOfVCS. heart
I love to roleplay, but I don't do romances. I don't allow people's characters to steal kisses or touch me in any romantic or sensual way. I just don't like it. I don't want it. So, don't do it. However, I'll roleplay anything else.

Um Now for THE TACO LIST twisted

The Outter Shell

Name: Light (That's what you call me ^-^)
Gender: Female.. >.>
Age: Tale as old as time 4laugh
Race: Asian razz
Eye Color: Green ^-^ psh I wish, it's near black (brown)
Height: Ugh.. the dreaded question, i'm short! ^-^
Weight: Tiny lol
Hair Color: Rainbow.. biggrin jk It's naturally jet black, it was purple and red and blonde at some point XDD
Hair Length: Long vines of death x.x
Hair Type: Uhh If that means how it looks like then, it's straight then wavy biggrin not curly lol wavy
Religion: Non-religious but I have elementalist beliefs
Glasses? : Hell yesh razz Black with blue arms
Braces? : Hell no lol never in this lifetime or the next

The Topping


Have You Done Today?: Current date (7/3/2017) I got the kids breakfast. Played with the kids. Did internships stuff.. boring adult things. XD The last time I filled this out my answer had something to do with Walmart. Sorry to disappoint.
Time did you go to bed last night?: It was this morning at 5
Time did you get up today?: 10 ish? It was a late morning.
Time is it right now?: 4:21 PM
Are your first thoughts waking up?: "What time is it?"
Do you smell of right now?: Skin XD
Are your favorite things to do?: anything artistic or fun i like to experiment
Is your biggest weakness?: my sons
Is your biggest fear?: anything bad happening to my sons eek
Mood are you in?: Happy
Will you do after this?: More internship work XP

(When's the last time..)

You played truth or dare?: last year lol
What's the worst you had to do?: Ummm let's see.. it wasn't really the worst.. more like the most memorable. I had to give a clean lap dance to my friend lol
You Played Spin the bottle?: lol LONG time ago..
With Who?: uhhh a lot of people
You went on holiday? Where to?: My "holidays" are visiting my parents, so they can see their grandkids XD
You ate a piece of fruit?: today
You drank alcohol?: Hm.. recently, actually. I ended up sending my drunken love to various people on my phone. Whoops.

The Last...

Thing you ate?: Best thing ever. Buffalo ranch bleu cheese tatter tots.. that's right.
Thing you said?: "Lay down." XD
Person you spoke to?: My son lol
Stranger you met? Where?: um... somewhere in public. She was a stranger so.. nothing to recall..
Place you went?: Wal-mart lol
Thing you bought?: o_O Magic the gathering cards XD
Person you talked to on the phone?: Dark, my husband
Person you hugged?: my sons XD that's gonna be the answer to almost all of these
Person you kissed?: My lover
Time you had sex?: Well now, that's getting personal
Game you played?: World of Final Fantasy heart
Person who annoyed you?: hmm.... probably my little sis or my little bro..
Party you went to?: I'm a mom now lol less parties so uhhhh my son's birthday?
Song you listened to?: "Decadence" by Disturbed
TV show you watched?: Beat Bobby Flay lol.. cooking show XD
Movie you watched?: Bring it on: All or nothing haha
Sport you played?: soccer
Magazine you read?: none
Relationship you were in?: Still in this one ^-^

(Have you ever...)

Danced barefoot in the rain?: yes, nice warm summer rain
Cried for no reason?: Yesh I do it all the time, I must have high estrogen or something lol
Laughed so hard you cried?: Ha many times XD
Done drugs? If so, What?: never! I'm high off life don't need s**t messing up my body. Oh wait.. I take headache medications.. crap!
Smoked?: of course... not ^-^ lol
Drunk so much you passed out?: Um... No but I laid down and took a nap lol
Sat on your rooftop?: not yet
Cried over a movie?: umm... many times
Been in an auto accident?: when i was 8 i think that's why i have trouble remembering plus i have a indention on the back of my head
Been to hospital?: of course, not too many times tho. Twice for giving birth.
Met a Celebrity?: Asian ones, yesh
Kissed someone of the same sex?: Yes. Three times. Three different ladies. Two were accidents XD
Ran away from home?: Never
Lied to Someone?: I have, many people lie
Been Lied to?: Of course lol we go back to many people lie
Broke a bone?: Never... yet.. I hope never.
Cried yourself to sleep?: Yesh


Have you ever Been in love?: Yesh, currently now is the strongest and truest love i've ever felt and it will last for eternity
Have you ever had your heart broken?: Yes, I did it to myself.
Ever broken a heart?: Yesh I know I have...
Have you ever been cheated on?: If any of my ex's did, it was in the past, and I didn't know about it.
Have you ever had a threesome?: Nope, but wanted to but now I wouldn't be able to handle it. Can't share the attention for something intimate.
Are you dating someone?: I'm married blaugh
Do you love them?: With all my heart and soul
Whats your longest ever relationship?: This current one, we past 8 years now
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yesh I do. I'm with him.
Do you like to cuddle after?: after what? o_O lol jk I know what it's getting at lol
Trimmed, shaved or wild?: erm what? I don't have a preference.
A little or a lot of tongue?: depends always does ^-^
Does sex = love to you?: Sex is simply when two people have intercourse. It's not love if it's just casual, steaming sex. I believe in making love. If you are in love with the person, anything is love. The sex, driving to the supermarket, or sticking a finger in their ear.. it's all done with love. Lmao.

The opposite sex...

Hair color?: Dark (natural), and then there's blue, red, purple, white, green, silver lol, blonde sometimes
Height?: ooo I love tall
Weight?: uhh don't care? but right now my man is 260+ lbs of muscle wink
Biggest turn off?: um... donno at the moment, i have turn offs but I can't think of any.
Biggest turn on?: everything my lover is lol not even kidding. When I was younger, I used to think he was trying to impress me
Short or long hair?: depends, my lover makes both work XP
Older or younger?: Older, just describing based off my husband

(This or That?)

Showers or baths?: Both lol
Kiss or hug?: Both lol
McDonalds or Burger King?: Both.. lol
Day or Night?: Night More fun and the sun isn't hurting my sensitive eyes
Too cold or too hot?: Um... in the middle lol
Friends or Family?: Well recently i've learned friends come and go... when it comes down to it family will be there (good friends become my family lol)
Personality or Looks?: Definately Personality ^-^ looks are the plus

(Finish this sentence...)

Lets talk about..: "you and me... Let's talk about se.." O_O
How are..: leprechauns able to reach the rainbow? ^-^
Why..: is it when you stick your arm out of a Pris the vehicle turns?
I am..: Crazy
Crazy Lil..: Asian with an assault rifle running around with her side-kick the crazy purple pokka dotted spiked turtle (stollen from Dark lol ))
Get..: your hand off that last piece of pie!! *cuts off your hand with my ring of death* twisted

Sour Cream=
(What is your favorite...)

Movie?: There's WAY too many..
TV Show?: too many
Color?: Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Silver, all lol
Food?: culturally mix ^-^
Ice cream?: Anything with berries
Alcoholic drink?: Long Island Tea
Non-alcoholic drink?: to many
Fast food joint?: Not sure
Animal?: All of the ones in our family and all of the ones in the wild XD okay well I have a love for hawks because its my spirit animal. I love my dog Astro. (And.. our cats Scar and Adventure, our bearded dragon Natsu, our 8 snakes Beedrill, Kiara, Kovu, Isis, Aurora, Legolas, Darth Vader, Starfire; our ferrets Prancer and Bandit)
Sport?: Basketball
Sports team?: don't have one, don't watch em
Place to be?: Anywhere if it's with my sons and husband
Place to visit?: Thailand, Italy, Alaska, Greece, Japan, Amazon, Atlantis lmao anywhere foreign ^-^ i love to explore
Place to live?: Florida's my place to live which is where I'm at lol
Place to chill out?: anywhere as long as it's peaceful, fun, or nature-filled
Actor?: Have a lot
Actress?: Have a lot
Restaurant?: Our future one lol
Quote?: "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most" -Albert Einstein
Subject?: Art
Season of the year?: Fall


Hey there I'm Light and this is Dark my husband!