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My FaNs ;D

hinatata on 05/01/2020

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Well... hello there OwO

To start off I am a very unique individual who runs into things a lot XD Yes I'm amazing like that razz
I love art, music, anime, and am a complete fangirl when it comes to playing with mine and other's hair and doing make up xD I love to dress up/cosplay just for shits and giggles.
I'm pretty laid back and love to laugh so I'm rather easy to talk to, just keep the conversation going though, other wise I start talking about some weird stuffz~ Like robotic unicorns that puke rainbows that turn into butterfrees then they burst into confetti! o3o
I don't like labels. I'm not a can of soup. If you label me I will sick my ban of ninja samurai penguins on your face :}

I adore animals, especially cats, dogs, bunnies, narwhals, penguins, unicorns, and dragons~
Dragons do exist, they just dont like you :3
Unicorns just live in the ocean as narwhals... it's their disguise ;D literally... look up the history of unicorns. People in the past used Narwhals to explain them XD great, isn't it? (Also, I pull random facts like this from thin air XD it's a gift)

Peace! Love! and ... Pocky!

Angel in the Night

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Reiko Iwamaru Report | 02/01/2015 11:04 am
Reiko Iwamaru
Hey it's been awhile. Not sure if you come online anymore but happy (late) birthday!

How old are you now? ^ ^
Star Ingd Eathe Report | 05/04/2013 8:06 pm
Star Ingd Eathe
Miera42's been hacked, do not...repeat, DO to someone sending you a link to a program called Join Me. DO NOT DO IT
-Fancy R Report | 07/19/2012 10:26 pm
-Fancy R
XDD understandable haha
Ahh woah. ; A;
And I do, no worries my older sister is in college at the moment doing a similar thing. @n@
But holy peanutbutter. o_o That is A LOT even for one person. The stress would kill me!

College is one of the ways to become a zombie by the looks of it. xP
Regardless, that's super awesome you can do something like that. I know I couldn't, I procrastinate like hell on everything. XD
-Fancy R Report | 07/18/2012 9:41 pm
-Fancy R
I came back to polish on my drawing skills actually and to rp XDDD
I have nothing to do for summer. ; n;

How's the college life been? o:
-Fancy R Report | 07/18/2012 8:28 pm
-Fancy R
o u o Light! I literally just got on gaia again 2 weeks ago hahaha

My name isn't bunny anymore, for some reason Kitty wanted to use when her account was hacked haha
Buuuut anywhoo, glad to see you back. 8D
Reiko Iwamaru Report | 07/18/2012 2:52 pm
Reiko Iwamaru
Well...On my profile, I have the list of guilds I'm in. You can check it out if you want. 3nodding
Reiko Iwamaru Report | 07/18/2012 2:05 pm
Reiko Iwamaru
Really? XD I remember I got on once and I had like twelve notices. xd
Reiko Iwamaru Report | 07/18/2012 1:53 pm
Reiko Iwamaru
Well, I'll try it out later. XD I'm guessing that when you logged in, you had a swarm of announcements and notices, correct?
Reiko Iwamaru Report | 07/18/2012 1:46 pm
Reiko Iwamaru
:O You can do that now? O.O
Reiko Iwamaru Report | 07/18/2012 1:41 pm
Reiko Iwamaru
I can't remember. She sent me a PM with the information about her leaving Gaia. Of course, when I got hacked, it was deleted. crying ....Along with the rest of my PM's.


Hello! Thank you for checking out my store and possibly buying from it! Much appreciated ~ <3


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-Fancy R
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The four most amazing gals you will ever meet *me included ;D *

my close gaia buddies ^^

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