Now stepping into Anime/Manga Fanatic territory!
We take no responsibility of anyone getting trampled by rabid fangirls or becoming deaf over the roar of the over-used expression: "KAWAII!"

For your own protection, please heed this warning.
...................The Origin of Lag............................
.................. By: Light_Blue_Wolf .........................

Lag was always the odd child in groups when he was growing up.
For some reason, he always seemed to slow everyone down.
No one ever liked Lag. They always tried to leave him out of things.
He dealt with it at first, but as time went on, it never got any better.
This made Lag very upset. So one day, Lag made a vow:
"I am tired of being left out of things! If I can't be happy, no one can be happy!"

...And thus began Lag's reign of Terror.

*** For your safety, if you encounter Lag, please take heed.
Talking about and/or swearing on behalf of Lag usually calls for Lag to take action, and you might experience the worst case Lag
can bring which is commonly called LCD. (Lag Cling Disorder.)

There is no known cure for this contagious disease except either enduring it or having a /ragequit fit and giving Lag time to cling to someone else. ***

**~~~~You have been warned. Have a nice day.~~~~**

User Image

My Gaia Family
~Light_Blue_Wolf [Me] - The Blue Fox
~Kutiekittykitkat [My Little Kitty Sister] - The Kitty Cat
~bblee123 [My Little Brother] - The Adorable Bunny
~The Un-Named Someone [My Little Brother] - He's invisible hovering near bblee123. ^_^


Hello there! Thanks for glancing at my section.

Do you like wolves and foxes and other dog members? I do!
Why wolves? They are awesome, fluffy, adorable, huggable, and who can resist them besides their prey? NO ONE!!!! o.O

I also love cats as well. They are irresistible, have interesting personalities and make great friends!

Drawing is a big hobby of mine. I love to do it a lot. Mostly anime, manga and video game inspired things, but I also do real life drawings as well.

I love to watch Anime.
Why Anime? Mainly the art styles and the sometimes unique stories that you just can't find on American television.
My favorites are comedies and fantasy, as well as some horror.
A selection of my favorites are on the left side bar.

I also love video games
Why Video Games? They are very fun and can be challenging at times. They also kept me sane over the years when I was going through tough times. I mostly would play a game, watch Anime, draw or read. I still do all those things.
RPGS are my favorite genre. I also like Action/Adventure games.
Here is a list of some older games I love as well as some current ones:

Playstation and Playstation2 Games
Kingdom Hearts Series [Top favorite Action-RPG game ever!]
.Hack Series [IMOQ and G.U.]
Legend of Dragoon,
Devil May Cry [Does NOT include the new one.... ><]
God of War Series
Fatal Frame Series [Best Survival Horror Game ever!]
Final Fantasy

Nintendo DS Games
The World Ends With You
Hotel Dusk
The Pokemon Series
Phoenix Wright Series

Playstation 3 Games
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
The Uncharted Series
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2


And now on to a more detailed list of myself...Enjoy!

People Who Keep Asking Me For My Pic
People Who Keep Asking Me To Have Online Relations
The Constant Barrage Of Reality Shows and Dramas
Too Many Electronic Cords
People Who Just Want Attention For Stupid Reasons Or No Reason At All
People Who Continue Talking To Me In A Language I Don't Know
Stupid Idiots
Serial Killers
Being Diabetic & Taking Shots

Favorite Food
Spring Rolls [I am very addicted to them!]
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Orange Chicken
General Tso's Chicken
Barbeque Chicken
Chicken Caesar Salad
Lo Mein
Lemon Pepper Grilled Trout
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onions/Peppers [Yes, seriously, I do]
Macaroni &Cheese
Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew
Grapes, Apples, Mangoes and Strawberries
A Mix Of Potatoes, Sausage, And Green Beans Cooked All Together In a Big Pot [Highly recommended and extremely delicious!]

Favorite Candy:
Reese's Pieces/Reese's* Peanut Butter Cups
Sour Gummi Worms
Hershey Bars

Favorite Manga:
Fruits Basket
Gamerz Heaven
Pet Shop Of Horrors
Demon Diary
DN Angel
Ouran High School Host Club
Kingdom Hearts


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Report | 06/09/2015 5:11 am


OMG!! big sis!! *hugs you close and kisses your cheek* omg omg!! i miss you so much!! >//~//< i've been doing ok! i'm finally on term break xD haha! i needed this break..
are you doing well with work and all that too? smile don't hesitate to contact me whenever ok sis?? ^O^

oh! but if you do have whatsapp or something, do tell me smile it'll be much more convenient if you contacted me by phone ^^ since i hardly come online nowadays xD

Report | 01/09/2015 7:20 am


awwh big sis! *hugs you tight* you're so sweet~! ;D you really are!
oh dear! happy belated new years to you too! >< i'm so sorry! i can't come online much nowadays ><

i love you a lot too big sis ;D and i miss you very much! *hugs you tight and kisses your cheek* i hope we can hang out again one day ;D
or wait! i have an idea! do you want toe exchange phone numbers with me? biggrin

Report | 12/16/2014 1:32 am


omg!! big sis!!!! *hugs you tightly* i miss you so much!! *cries a little*
i'm glad everything has been ok for you.. TwT don't catch a cold ok??

and thank you for your well wishes! biggrin my internship went great! i was tired though x3 i'm finally on a break~

Report | 10/01/2014 6:50 pm


hiii sis~!! biggrin how have you been??

Report | 06/28/2014 12:52 am


I didn't even notice you'd come back emotion_0A0

Report | 06/23/2014 6:38 am


awwh!! you're welcomed big sis!! *kisses your cheek and snuggles* i will always love you too! >/////< i-i always have!
hehe~ i'm having a wonderful summer~ biggrin but i'm currently working xD haha!

how about you sis?? what have you been up to? biggrin

Report | 06/19/2014 11:43 pm


Happy birthday big sis!! I love you!! ^o^
This year, next year and always! ;D

Report | 11/28/2013 12:30 pm


Happy Thanksgiving. ouo
Purple Kiimchi

Report | 06/21/2013 10:18 pm

Purple Kiimchi

Im glad you got it then! -hugs- <3

Report | 06/21/2013 10:04 pm


Happy Birthday dear~! emotion_bigheart