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this took me awhile to make because with age I lost my imagination

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Who I am

Name: Demonna Keroberos
Nicknames: Kero-chan
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 1500 Years - He looks 25 years old
Race: Human/Demon
Blood Ratio: 75% Human - 25% Demon
Birthplace: Demonna - A world that link the Human World with the Demon World
(Spirit) Helpers: Raum, The Rabbits of Hermes - Somniorum, Veris, Aestatis, Autumni, Hiemalis, Doloris, Mortis, Spei, Temporis, Luxuriae,
Goal: To defeat my brother so I can live and use the World's Future to correct my brother's errors
Demon Representative: Cerberus from Greek Mythology, A Three-Headed Hound assigned the duty of guarding the Gates of Hades
Weapon: Glacius, A Powerful Ice Blade named after the God of Ice
Abilities: Hermes' Rabbit Summoning, Powers given to him by the Rabbits of Hermes, Avalanche Cannon, Twin Devastation Bombs, Million Burst Shards, Blizzard Cannon, Blizzard Slash, Freezing Shock Wave, Ice Clones, Snow Ball Barage, Alpha Blaster
Bio: I was born in the binding world Demonna...I along with my brother Asmodeos lived in the Human World...then when we grew older we started growing apart...soon after learning that we are partial brother went out of control and destroyed the village we lived in along with our human mother and demon father...a 1000 years ago we had a final showdown which came to my death...but I have returned to take back all of his evil



I sell my products in order to raise enough money necessary to purchase the items for a dream avatar I want to achieve...this is the dream avatar and all the items I need to complete if u can please help me finish it...if u would like u can also donate some gold...Thank You Everyone


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karou_sama Report | 11/12/2011 7:49 am
dude light i havent dropped u a comment in forever !
Sixty-Nine Percent Report | 06/01/2011 12:40 pm
Sixty-Nine Percent
X-Ryushiro-X Report | 05/14/2011 10:42 am
Hey Kero-san!
Sorry for the late reply... Been kinda' busy this past week... sweatdrop
Anyways, sorry to hear about your avi entry... Really wish I'd voted.
But sadly... As I said I was busy.
And by busy, I mean my PC's been hit with a nasty bug... xp
Zombie Side Report | 05/12/2011 5:57 pm
Zombie Side
Of course I do! How's it been?
LiddellmissAlice Report | 05/10/2011 7:32 pm
X-Ryushiro-X Report | 05/08/2011 11:42 pm
Hey there Kero-san! biggrin
Long time no see!
Not much going on really... How ya' been dude?
-Light Twin Keroberos- Report | 05/08/2011 4:45 pm
-Light Twin Keroberos-
I'm entering this avi in the Arena, please vote for me, the voting begins tomorrow
BladeMaster Ryuu Report | 05/07/2011 2:24 pm
BladeMaster Ryuu
hey brother, long time no talk
Lady Angelus Report | 05/01/2011 9:14 pm
Lady Angelus
Well you were gone for quite some time. Welcome back! biggrin
BladeMaster Ryuu Report | 09/05/2010 8:41 pm
BladeMaster Ryuu
long time no talk

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This is my dream avi inspired for an anime I'm making. He is the main protagonist of the anime. Don't take him lightly

Angel Of Hermes

I have created another avi that I would like to make happen...this will be my next Halloween costume...but of course in real life there is no Holy I need to find another:
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Dark Prince

I was trying to make a prince avi but it resulted again to be a Dark entity...I have this thing for creating Dark entities...maybe it's a gift or a curse:
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Fellow Angels

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Avatar Exhibition

Here I'll be posting my avy history of both my accounts...starting with the angels...I don't remember all my avis from the past so I can't really post them

-Light Twin Keroberos-
-Darkness Twin Asmodeos-

I'm an Angel that will fall to Darkness.
Please keep me near the Light