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Ingus is a soldier who has sworn allegiance to the King of Sasune. Because he was out training, he managed to narrowly avoid the Djinn's curse. When he returned, he noticed Luneth, Arc, and Refia and joined forces with them. After removing the curse, he realizes he must stay with the other three, as the world depends on it.

Ingus is described by Doga and Unei as the light of determination. He has been noble and chivalrous to his duty as a protector of Castle Sasune, and especially to Princess Sara Altney. It is suggested he has feelings for her, but had accepted his place as a mere knight. Of the party, Ingus is calm and composed, preferring to analyze the situation before taking action. He speaks in a very elegant and formal manner, and doesn't hesitate to scold Luneth for his impulsiveness. In the opening FMV, Ingus and Luneth were shown arguing, but while the party was crossing a cave, Ingus saved Luneth from falling off a cliff. Ingus is also portrayed as a Red Mage, reflecting his versatility in battle, having had more training in combat than his allies supposedly.