my info... kinda.. o w o

Hello!! Name's Light. c: I don't have much to say but all you have to know about me are theese thing's. o w o
* I love running.
* I adore animals.
* I hate it when people lie.
* I'm a hyper person now and then.
* Super random.
* Fav sport is Swimming.
* Fav anime is ouron high school host club.
* I play zOMG.
* I love to draw.
* I like mudkip and pikachu. (as you can see...)
* Fav music is Techno, and screamo.
* I play video game's

If you don't like ANY of these thing's of me. theeen... were not ment to BEEEE FRIEND'S!!! scream
well~ that's all folk's! ~ heart