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Hey i'm back bitches,hoes,niggers,gangsters, ladies and/or gentleman(however you wanna classify yourself)...i'm Chris, the beast loving boss guy you'll ever meet(didn't sound right) ummmmm well i guess to start off i'll say i hate this site, it's utter that's why i'm a vendor. Yeah i know i contradict myself by saying i hate this site so why am i on it?Because well..friends and also since i'm on house-arrest for being a beast at COD, my gamertag for the 360 is Zero Bled Pain. On my virtual journey throughout this site i met a lot of cool people that you'll meet a lifetime on here, ONE is Dani my ride-or-die chick,best friend forever..derp chick,asdfghk chick, and, #1 INUYASHA FAN. Sorry to spotlight her, she's the only one i can remember, for those i forgot you know who you are..i hate this word but ******** it, YOLO.
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