I'm Life Hath Immortality. You can call me Life. Or Purple. Stuff about me:

-I love rain. And snow. But my absolute favorite is wind.
-I am fascinated by dreams and their meanings.
-I am a history geek. Especially European history. Especially English history. Especially the Tudors.
-I read. A lot. I get yelled at all the time for reading when I shouldn't be. And my friends get pissed at me because I'd rather read then talk to them. I've been a Harry Potter geek since the age of five. I love Tamora Pierce. I love historical fiction of any type.
-Musicals make my life: Rent and Wicked are my favorites.
-Movies! I love old Disney movies. My favorites are Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I also love Pirates of the Caribbean, Alfred Hitchcock anything, Lord of the Rings, Hayao Miyazaki movies, and, of course, movies about history.
-I don't watch tons of TV because it would interfere with my reading time. I do watch House and a couple others.
-I rarely find documentaries boring.
-Dr. Horrible deserves its own bullet. If you don't know what it is, then you must look it up on youtube.
-I like to make avatars, but I also love fashion IRL. I love necklaces and bracelets<3
-I write. But it's not good.
-I'm a vegetarian.
-I am very opinionated.
-I'm sarcastic a lot.
-I love The Beatles, Regina Spektor, Taylor Swift, Green Day, The White Stripes, Lily Allen, showtunes, and Kerli. My musical choices are all over the place, honestly.
-In terms of poetry, I love Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe (also love his short strories).
-I overuse commas.
-Current song obssesions:
Thank Goodness - Wicked
Your Eyes - Rent
I should Tell You - Rent

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Happy Birthday, Life! heart
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Yes, that's exactly why I like Netflix! My life moments are precious! I can't waste them on commercials. xD And I'll forget to watch something live so I'd miss an episode and be all confused. Netflix is the only reason I see anything in its entirety.

Yes! I saw it on Netflix. smile I found it extremely interesting~ especially how so many people on the Board of Director's for the decisions we make about food are the same people who own so much of the industry. I should have known!

I'm not a vegetarian~ but, I have a friend who is one for the same reason. She's always joking with me saying never to watch anything that shows what happens to meat because then I won't eat it and she misses how delicious it is. xD I don't eat red meat very much. I eat a lot of chicken, fish and turkey. Occasionally I'll crave a red meat burger or taco but that's about it and not often~ cuz I'll just make turkey or chicken burgers or tacos. And I LOVE mushrooms~ my vegetarian friend is always super happy they exist, lol.

I haven't seen the Enron thing~ I'll have to look into it. smile And the other one! I love learning about new things so I really like documentaries. I like watching the ones about different civilizations and/or cultures, sometimes the ones on animals, drug wars, art, food~ it's just so interesting to hear about these things I never would have known the inside workings of otherwise. I like it~

But~ lol, history. That's where we part ways. I find some of it SO interesting~ but, most of it. I forget after I learn .__. Which is really weird cuz I took honors classes in history and government. My teacher made us live on History Channel documentaries. xD

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I agree. There's nothing wrong with Pixar, it's just not for me. I love UP as well! It was so good~ When I saw the previews for UP and Tangled I wasn't sure about either, but at some point I see all the Disney movies one way or another, lol. And I was really happy with what I saw~ which is always a nice surprise when you're ready to be disappointed.

I'm with you on the TV thing~ I read too much to have time to watch anything really. If I end up catching anything at all it's thanks to Netflix giving me the power to watch slowly. ^^; It just seems to me like watching anything takes too long for the most part. If I want to read~ I can flip a few pages and then bookmark it but if I want to watch a show I have to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to just sit down and do that. I'm usually on the go or wanting to multi-task so I don't usually pick that option for use of my free time.

What sort of documentaries do you like to watch? I've seen a lot of those thanks to Netflix, haha. I find the ones about the food industry so interesting.

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You're SO sweet! heart Thank you so much for the gift heart I'll be sure to use it wisely. wink

Reading your profile I noticed we have a lot in common! I love rain, snow and wind, too! But rain is my favorite. smile I also.. hate thunder but love looking at lightning. /idiot

I read allll the time! Since I was really little so whenever my mom would yell at me she never punished me cuz the only thing she could think to take away from me were books. xD Love, love, love HP~<3 I've never heard of Tamora Pierce???

I'm a huge Disney nut~ especially for pretty much all the Disney Renaissance films and a lot of the ones that came before~ I miss 2D Disney movies. sad But I enjoyed Tangled a lot more than I thought I would. I love all the movie series you listed and Miyazaki is heart

Seriously agree with so much stuff you've said but I have to stop typing to you or this would be so long. xD You sound so awesome~

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yeah, well you do to

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<33 Thankies!
dark magic godess

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dark magic godess

thank you for the gold blaugh
Astoria Stratocaster

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Astoria Stratocaster

Thank you for the gold donation, I really appreciate it heart
Your name has been immortalized on my profile.
Grey-Eyed Boleyn

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Grey-Eyed Boleyn

Yeah. I'm feeling better now. I just got back from his house.
Thanks for asking.



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That never wrote to me"
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