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Gender: Female

Location: . . . In your pants.


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lieutenant shotgun is in a musical, guise!
so she'll be busy most evenings, and posting may be a little scarce,
but she'll try her best. thanks ~

art credit goes to me. i don't think you would, but please don't steal.


Hi there. ;)

sτιcks & sτσηεs may break your bσηεs
but ωσrds will make you want to ιτ γσυrsεlf.

i'm lieutenant shotgun and i am a lame-a**.

i have an unhealthy obsession with axis powers hetalia. i used to be a big cats: the musical fan, not as much anymore, but i'll still engage in a happy little discussion.

i am a proud african-american female. nothing you can say will change my (mostly positive) opinion of my country, or make me feel ashamed of the color of my skin. (tanzanian & irish & scottish - that's me!)

i love to roleplay. if you want to do a one on one, inbox me. i'll play guys or girls, and i'm up for pretty much anything but i'm especially partial to highschool life roleplays.

i'm pretty sure i'm less boring than i make myself seem...drop me a line, yeah? i'm so lonlehh.


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