Few things about me:
-Uni Student ---> Psych. major
-Favorite author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
-Favorite colour: Gray
-Ignorance drives me up the wall scream
-I love airships
-I appreciate good company
-Canadian born and raised
-I write fanfics (on Ao3 I'm known as Skor)

Favorite Plays//Views
Uncharted series (1,2,3)
Prototype (1&2)
Assassin's creed (1, 2. 3 brotherhood and revelations) [******** hate AC4 Q.Q]
God of war ( i, ii, iii)
Call of Duty: MW2, MW3
Borderlands 2 (the graphics makes my eyes hurt sometimes XD)

Nurse Jackie
Big Bang Theory
American Dad
Family Guy
Nat. Geo,
International/Local News
Archer / Archer Vice
Bob's Burger
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
The Cat Returns

ooo(just for space)