Hey its Katie >w< hey so im a super dork :B ill update this when im not so lazy..All u need to kno is im obsessed with Code Geass :3
oh and the freak in the batmobile is me > wink Oh yeah im in love with batman too :B

IM TAKING DONATIONS! Anything helps and is SUUUPER appreciated.I am a poor a** b***h and i need 45,000 rite now. Like i said anything helps redface
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ll Kallen Stadtfeld ll Report | 09/26/2009 7:24 pm
ll Kallen Stadtfeld ll
oh thanks hahah well i really like gino biggrin
Joffrey Boy Report | 08/29/2009 10:28 pm
Joffrey Boy
Its OK.

Eh, My school year is so-so.
Good, but bad.
But... I'll have to make my final decision on the last day.
Joffrey Boy Report | 08/26/2009 1:25 pm
Joffrey Boy
I went to school yesterday too. =(
Joffrey Boy Report | 08/23/2009 8:52 pm
Joffrey Boy
Its OK ^^;

I wuv Havoc =0

I has many more XD
Final Divide Report | 08/23/2009 7:54 pm
Final Divide
you buy the letters and pick from them
Final Divide Report | 08/23/2009 7:49 pm
Final Divide
I just bought monthly collectibles surprised
Final Divide Report | 08/22/2009 8:54 pm
Final Divide
Well comment me damn it!
What are you doing? heart
Joffrey Boy Report | 08/22/2009 8:54 pm
Joffrey Boy
...Lelouch dies?


List of anime characters I like:
Edward Elric
Roy Mustang
Ulquiorra (I forgot how to spell it XD)
Aidou Hanabusa

You know what, I'm going to stop RIGHT THERE XD
Final Divide Report | 08/22/2009 8:45 pm
Final Divide
u nvr reply!
Joffrey Boy Report | 08/22/2009 8:42 pm
Joffrey Boy
I have ONLY the first manga..
I just couldn't continue to read it.
It would be to sad.

Lust is amazing XD
I have a video up on youtube saying my top 10 FMA characters... I can send it to you if you want to see it.

I really only like Lelouch in Code Geass.

If you think YOUR a whore, wait til I tell you all the anime guys I like ;D

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