How to talk (And yes, I know Im a smartalec!)

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Weird stuff that popped into my head

<3 Save those you love and can, mourn those you can't and love. <3


Need to know?

Need to know about me, huh? Well..theres not much to tell.. sweatdrop

confused <-- That's me most of the time, confused. I understand stuff, but I'm a total confused dork XD

My friends have many a nickname for me..including Poppit, Moogle, Moogley, Morgy, Morgana, Mourge (Pleasant one, right?), and Ace (Only the super cool ones call me that). Once ya get to know me you can call me any of thee above, as long as ya ask first. xp

I read a LOT, obvessivly sometimes (Depends on the book). I love Vampire stuff, especially the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. BEST. BOOKS. EVER!!!
Heh...I get carried away when it comes to books, so be warned now.

I figure thats bout it..anything else I figure you'll just have to ask.

heart heart heart heart heart

Me and my....odd self

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Talking of the people

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JennaKittyKat Report | 07/03/2008 2:24 am
Hey!! =D whatz up?! Seriously....Sugar monkies on crack!!!!!! =3


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