All bout's me

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Has u can c my name is libby im 16 im Italian/Jamacian i live in the NY i love poetry u could say im a good singer im a crazy outgoing preson i get bored ever easy so u must be weird crazy r love to talk to hang with me but sumtime i just want to chill and im really down to earth so all r welcome -Rawr XD

Things I hate

mean people
raisin's eww they look like old people xd

Thing's i love
eveything but the things on my hate list

Cinderella remix
My friend Dan wrote this in class it's so funny in joy.
Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cinderella she went to a ball to find her prince then she bumped into snow white and cinderella said "move trick".Then snow white pushed Cinderella down into the sewer. Cinderella died and snow white got killed in a dive by. By the old wicked witch and sour apple gang! haha
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