Name: Fáreryniel "Lian" Feaorne
Age: 3,500 years
Race: Elf
Appearance: (Need to draw picture)
Country of Origin: Fal'lain--City of White Trees
Occupations (present and previous):
3rd Queen of Fal'lain since the Reign of Gwendolyn Feaorne (now retired)
CEO of Fal'lain Corp in Fal'lain and Sigil (Current)
Former Mercenary for various organizations
Fighter Pilot in the Royal Navel Air Force in an alternate plane
Doctor Inquisitor for the Royal Army

Immediate Family:
4 daughters: Amantis (22), Rosella (1 cool , Terrawilya (3), Wren (3 months)
4 Sons: Shengo (21--deceased), Yai (20), Rai (19), Ian (13)
1 Brother: Marcus (3, 496)
1 Nephew: Alki (Unknown)
Extended relations: Unknown amount of grand nieces and nephews (via Alki's children), Brother of a Brother in law: Byrn Lamont.

**All Ages are according to their appearance, not their actual age.


Origins in Fal'lain

Lian, as she prefers to be called now, was born in Fal'lain after it's early founding by her Great Grandfather, Suiadan, the first proclaimed King of Fal'lain and of the the Elves of the White Forest. The origins of the early Elves before they had become Fal'lainians originated from the far north from the countries further north. They migrated south to escape the encroaching human population and raids, fleeing to the islands around it. They came across the white forest, designating it as a sacred place since the ancestry of the Feaorne family traced back to the origins of the first Elf, though there is still much speculation on that to this day. In addition, they make their ties to the Goddess Re'yah who represents the balance in the world of both dark and light. They came to the island, settling on the rocky coast before moving south toward where the White Forest was. It was there they settled to make their new homes and Kingdom. They were able to manipulate the trees themselves with early magic to make their homes, a technique that is practiced by few in Fal'lain today. Lian was born to Suiadan's daughter Gwendolyn, a name common in the area where they settled, and Argorn, the War Prince of the native Elves to the East. Lian was born with white hair, as was the common trait for women in the Feaorne line who's blood was blessed by the Goddess herself many years ago. Her mother, Gwendolyn, had been tainted since a young age by a book of Dark Magic. When Lian was 5, Gwendolyn attempted to teach her the ways of Dark Magic, but was so scared of it, she fled. It drew Gwendolyn to near insanity until the birth of her younger brother, Marcus, who was born tainted by the Book of Dark Magic. He was cast from the kingdom by Argorn and Gwendolyn died months after childbirth and the curse of the Book of Dark Magic cast upon her. Lian grew up as an only child, unaware of her younger brother who lived.

When Lian was sixteen (by human years), the Kingdom was attacked by a demon and his half-dragon partner, Zander, who used to be a good friend of Lian growing up. Argorn was decapitated, and Lian fled Fal'lain only to bump into Byrn Lamont who used to be a close family companion and a faithful guardian to the Feaorne family until his disappearance. They traveled around the countryside, seeking out help until they came across Lily, a half-dragonness (who would later marry and produce heirs with Byrn). They ventured back to Fal'lain, but were ultimately captured by the Demon and his partner. Lian had been dragged off, forced into preparing for a wedding which would have ended up with her own demise hadn't it been for Deaken, an elven soldier that had been infatuated with Lian since an early age. He freed both the dragons, broke Lian out of the Temple and the fled up the Glencoe river to freedom to safe haven away from Fal'lain.

The demon pursued them, making attempts to kill them, drive them mad and separate but they prevailed. In the end, the demon was sealed away and the half-dragon partner fled with their efforts. Lian wed Deaken, the elf who had saved her life. Fal'lain was at peace for a long time. The two had their first child, Amantis, and adopted many of the human children who had lost their families due to the demon's chaos. The demon was set free, but lost interest in Fal'lain since the country itself was still small at the time, settling in creating a new race that combined his demon's blood and that of a half-dragon to make his son, Alki. A new threat came when a dark spirit uncovered the Book of Dark Magic, freeing Gwendolyn's tortured soul to torment Lian and Deaken's family. The war between the demons of the book and Fal'lain was called "The War of the Dark". Eventually, the demon, whom was called Marcus was separated from his own demonic soul and his original body. It was discovered much later that Marcus was the lost prince who had been cast out by Argorn.

With a combination of efforts, the retrieval of the Book of Dark Magic and the learning of its inner workings, they sealed the demons back into the book and sealed the book away with Byrn as its forever guardian. Deaken, after the book had been sealed, was killed by one of the few demons who had not been sealed away. He died when Lian was nearly 18 (human years.) Lian ruled as a matriarch of the Feaorne household until the 1st disassembly of the Royal Court.

The First Disassembly and Entry into the Gaia Planar Worlds

Times were changing in Fal'lain. The country was beginning to expand and with its expansion, came new enemies. Lian had ventured outside of Fal'lain in order to bring in new ideas for the Kingdom, while leaving the Courts temporarily in charge of managing the country. By this time, the portals to other worlds were accessible but not as readily available as they are today. Lian traveled to the Gaia planar for the first time, discovering more and more magics. It was then she met the kitsune Alchemist Instructor, Zeru Phoenix, whom she developed a somewhat steady relationship with. She bore two children with him until his death, Shengo and Sakura. Lian returned to Fal'lain to recover after birthing Sakura when the 2nd conquering of Fal'lain occurred. A foreign nation of barbarians had invaded, taking few prisoners. In order for the heads of the country to understand their situation, they took infant Sakura and used her as an offering to one of their Gods. It left Lian in a terrible mental state. Eventually, she was able to break free and rally with the remaining members of the Army to take back Fal'lain and their glory. Lian was beginning to become more aware with the second infiltration of her Great Grandfather's country meant that Fal'lain needed to catch up with the rest of the world. To do so, the monarchy needed to be temporarily disassembled to allow them and many others to venture outside of Fal'lain's borders. Thus, the First Disassembly of the Royal Family occurred. Amantis was sent to a boarding school in which she could pursue a higher education than what the tutors provide, Shengo returning to his father's Alchemy Academy to learn more about the art. Lian herself locked herself in the many libraries of her home plane and learned about the different arts, particularly, in recreating prosthetic limbs, organs and parts that could function like the part of a normal body part, minus sensations of course.

Lian traveled around vastly, taking on a lover which resulted in Yai's birth, a boy who was presumed half-Tengu but it is still unknown to this day his father's origins. She settled down in the forests of another country to raise him alongside two Mao Mogwai brothers, Tao and Li Han. However, the area was under a mass threat. The humans were collecting various species in which to experiment to ready themselves for War. Lian was collected as well as the two brothers, but Yai narrowly escaped and fled back to Lian's home country for safety. Lian was introduced unwillingly to the cruelties that theses new sciences could offer. She never saw the two brothers again. Lian escaped with many of the others that were captured, and ventured into the safe harbor of the opposing forces. She adapted to life well around the soldiers of the Royal Army of this new nation. She learned about the flying machines called 'airplanes' and fell in love with the idea of traveling into the skies without the aid of magic, or with luck, a dragon or a pair of created wings. Lian became the first non-human pilot of many in the Royal Naval Air Force, serving for many years even when the first war ended and the second War began. She settled to ground life, being brought into the Army for her knowledge of just who and what the other side was like. She was asked to be an Inquisitor, but Lian had no idea of what lengths she would have to go in order to get the information. She learned quick the art of interrogation…and it was a bloody one. So much so, that with the surgical tools she used in the art, she was called "The Doctor Inquisitor" for the time she worked. When the second war ended, Lian retired from the Army and headed back to find the first portal that would take her back to Fal'lain.

Upon returning to the Gaia planar for the second time, Lian passed life by with wandering around, collecting information. She came across many different hubs of Gaia, including a bar that was full of demons. She had learned to blend in, taking on the form of a demon herself for a while and eventually changing from form-to-form for the joy of just not acting her usual self. Until it got her into a spot of trouble. She had acquired a bit of debt while traveling around, serving as a brothel-girl for a while in order to pay it back. It wasn't the most pleasant work, but it came with food and a bed. It was when she met the Vampire Lord, Songa from the country of Yakuda, was when she found herself enveloped in a world with the worlds. She served first as a concubine to his needs, then became his closest companion then wife. It was then that she was given a new name of "Lian", which meant 'Lotus' in his native tongue and her hair was like a white lotus when she finally revealed her true Elven form to him. Her first born was Rai, whom only got to see a few years of his own childhood. When Rai was four, he was taken by a Yakudan Mafia, his mind and body altered to early adulthood. He served a leader of many bodyguards until Lian and Songa brought him home. It was a few short years later that Songa himself disappeared and Lian was left alone, with her second child to Songa, Rosella.

Lian returned to Fal'lain another time to raise her children, but always kept in contact with the many countries her children were a part of. Lian returned to her home country, deciding to reassemble the Royal Courts.

The Reassembly and Founding of Fal'lain Corp

Lian decided that now was the time to reassemble the Royal Courts. She brought in a new council, ruling back at the seat of power in Fal'lain again for a brief while. Amantis had grown into a well educated young woman with having experienced the outside world. She decided that Amantis would take the throne at this age so she could grow with the country. Amantis was crowned the Fourth Queen of Fal'lain since the founding and Lian retired quietly. She started to return to her early works, tinkering in the newest technologies. While doing so, she managed to make a living using her skills from the army and from living in Yakuda to do mercenary work to support her needs without relying on her family's wealth and was recruited into several small organizations that did assassinations. Eventually, that too became too troublesome and she returned to work.

Lian began taking commissions to design prosthetic limbs. She earned her first fortune in making human parts that she started to venture outwards in her creations. However, she needed to understand the anatomy of the creatures in the Gaia planar first. While the company had started in its early stages with many others like her working on making the pieces, Lian went back to work in gathering information. She traveled far and wide, finding herself in the oddest places. She took up residence on an island that had black volcanic sand beaches in which she stuck around, gathering more data on the bodies of others. It was when she met someone of the oddest species is when she knew she had to learn more. Hans was a giant man, towering seven feet tall but she wanted to know more about him.

Learn his anatomy and the way of using 'chi' as a means of controlling elements. Hans himself was an earth element or a 'red' Menschian. Thus began her downward spiral.

The Menschian Years

Lian began to develop a deep understanding for this culture that was so much like yakudan, but Han's people were distant. Spread apart. There weren't many left so she wanted to know about them. She didn't expect to want to become one when Hans nearly rejected her for what she was and what her son was despite having saved him from a very old vampire who had devoured his legs. Rai today has two prosthetic legs and hips with some parts regenerated out of necessity. Desperate to know more, to keep something that she loved and cared about, Lian made the brazen move to reject what she was and become something new. Hans took Lian to the temple in which a White-type of Menschian could help them with what they wanted. Undergoing the ceremony, Lian was changed into a Green type. Where Red was the earth, White a foreign psychic ability she never encountered, she herself controlled the wind. Hans stayed with her, teaching her a little more but soon disappeared himself. The last thing Lian remembered was Hans falling asleep at her side at night and disappearing in the morning before she woke. Lian had conceived a child, but Hans had left before ever knowing that she was with child. In grief, she searched for him with a full belly with baby inside. When it was close to giving birth, she returned to her home country. She was nearly cast out of her own home until Amantis took her in, recognizing her even without the long prominent elven ears any more. Lian gave birth to a red-type Menschian son she named Ian. A name short and brief like his father's. Lian took Ian with her on her journey to find Hans, searching across the Gaia planes until she had given up. Lian took Ian back home, searching one last plane for any sign of the giant man.

At a coastal city in a place where magic was shunned, Lian stood on the coastline looking to see if she could feel anything, anywhere. She felt nothing, and when she was about to leave, she was ambushed by the local villagers. Lian panicked and before they could beat her to death, summoned a hurricane which devastated the coastline. The village was wiped off of the map and only Lian remained. Afraid, she fled the area and passed by a mage who was returning to his home village in hopes of trying to prove his worth with his magic. Lian didn't know that she would meet this mage later on. In trying to figure out her powers so nothing like the village would happen again, she sought out many others who used similar abilities. She meditated with monks in the East, finding what it meant to use her Chakra point that fed off of compassion and love. She found ways of teaching herself when she was using her powers by tattooing her body with ink that reacted with the air when it flowed through her. She understood the complexities of healing with the very air and but not the deadly force it could be wielded as. She traveled around, seeking more help until she found a weapon maker that made her a weapon in which redirected and focused her powers into the weapon, making it into a deadly air cannon. With weapon in hand, she traveled around again to continue her search but soon gave up, and continued her research of the Gaians.

The Sigil Years

Lian traveled from city to city, but was always aware that she wasn't exactly welcomed in her mind. After the incident with the coastal town, she avoided large populations when she could but it couldn't be helped when the worlds of Gaia were growing bigger. As she traveled around, she had stopped in Sigil briefly but found the place far too crowded for her liking. Hoping another portal, she had almost abandoned the thought of returning to Sigil when met the most unlikely character. Lian had known of dwarves, hell, her country traded with them for their skills in minding and iron works…but this one was different. He lacked the beard and massive build, stunk to high heaven and lacked a lot of memory of things before. Lian had never considered dwarves to be weak, but the fact he was able to lose his memory was startling. At first, he had pegged himself as "Guile". Out of compassionate need to help others, Lian traveled with him in the direction he came from and found herself back in Sigil. "Guile" wasn't sure exactly where he belonged, but Lian adventured around with him in hopes that they could discover who he was. She learned quickly that he was a great fighter both in and out of the ring. He was gentle-hearted, but devious. When he finally learned his name was Derek and his friends were missing, they sought out more helping getting his memories back. They discovered that his comrades had gone searching for the missing children while bumping into the "Voodoo Man" who had changed them into monsters using skull-drilling slugs. They fought their way through, finding the reanimated body of Guile and fighting to the end. Guile was buried, and Lian stayed with Derek in Sigil.

She became pregnant after a series of rendezvous around Sigil. However, the past came back to haunt Lian when the mage who she had passed on the road many years ago found her whereabouts and sought to kill her in revenge. Defensive, Derek defended her and scared the mage off. They spent more time running, Lian revealing her secrets to him and Derek his own life to her. Eventually, they married. The Voodoo Man rose again, this time being defeated with the combination of efforts from Derek, Lian and Damian, the icy detective that would later run a small ice cream parlor on his own.

As their path continued, Lian met the famed son of Sieg, Tresondros Ecstuffuan and his partner, Lovi, Goddess of the Guild of women streetwalkers. However in returning to Fal'lain, the same mage poisoned Derek, sending him into a coma. Distraught, Lian stayed by his side until she had to return to business back in Sigil, having started another branch of Fal'lain Corp there. Some time passed and Derek finally awoke. However, the portals in Sigil had become tainted by the Warp and Sigil found itself under the siege of monsters under the Emerald Eye Society. Lian gave birth to her daughter Terrawilya during this time and afterwards murdered the Mage who sought to assassinate her earlier in her time in Sigil and with Derek. Lian and Tresondros, the famed fighter and son of Sieg, fought the Warped leader, but became stricken with the taint of the Warp. Her body had changed into a new form, but this was not the end of the troubles.

Hans had returned. After a long slumber, the giant came to Sigil seeking out her presence. The sight of her tainted form sickened him and he threatened to take Ian away. Desperate to keep her family together, she sought a way to return to her pure Menschian form. However, her idea had Derek concerned so while Lian sought her way to change herself back, Derek sought out any cure that he could on his own.

Lian never saw the half-dwarf again. As time passed, she presumed him still looking, injured or dead. Fal'lain Corp branch in Sigil was attacked by the Triads and the GPD undercover, Ko/Chen. Lian was struck hard in the crossfire but managed to get down to the basement level where the equipment needed to trigger the emergency systems was reactivated and she died with the effort. Amantis, on a sabbatical from Fal'lain to escape the stress, came to the rescue with a rebirthing ritual which would purge her body of the influence of the Warp with the assistance of the Team Sigil local Avion, Alan Meadia. With the now pure body, she was able to keep her son Ian with Hans disappearing again soon after. With the portals closed, Fal'lain Corp suffered losses of supplies and staff with the bombing. With Amantis stuck in Sigil during the Reclamation, Lian watched as her oldest child steadily began to fall in love with the alien Team Sigil member Alan, Lian residing in herself as she was unable to help as Sigilites were turned into slaves. It took the drow-child from a mage circle to coax her resentment for having been made to stand by. She attacked Team Sigil, nearly killing Amantis and waking to find herself immersed in battle, but on her own free will. Distraught, she took the first portal that opened back to Fal'lain.

Upon Amantis and Alan coming to Fal'lain, those same emotions boiled to the surface and choked off her abilities to heal both herself and others. Crippled and compassionless, it look the chance visitation of Arkravis, Alan's father, to Fal'lain to discuss the pair's engagement to finally force the emotions to the surface. Healed, she was able to be more forward with herself about what had transpired in Sigil. With Amantis and Alan in Fal'lain, Lian returned with Arkravis to Sigil to work on rebuilding Fal'lain Corp after the Reclamation. Lian decided to bury what memory she had of Derek with an empty suit of armor and a heavy heart. If Derek had survived, he probably would have moved on himself in the time passed or had found some way to contact her. With no sign of him, Lian buried Derek's armor in the Sigil Cemetery, the city he was born and raised in. With Fal'lain Corp back up and running, Lian could focus on raising her youngest child Terrawilya in the city that her father had been born in.

Yet the circle that the Mage belonged to wasn't done. While Lian was out grocery shopping, away from her Avion concubine as it were, she came under attack by the Circle of Nine who kidnapped both her and Terrawilya. While Terrawilya remained unharmed, conked out by a sleeping gas, the youngest mage of the Nine fled with her and turned her into the arms of Lovi who watched over her. Lian was tortured, more or less, to reduce her body's defenses down so she could be implanted with the soul of the Goddess of her home country combined with the seed of an unknown woman. Arkravis and the stranger Krausse got her out of the warehouse where she was kept, but not without the deep traumatic scars that went with it. Even after healing, Lian carried the heavy fear of death and the loss of her children. During a night of intercourse, the seed that had been planted was 'fertilized' by Arkravis, a mage of great power and skill, which completed the ritual. In the meantime, KB, an old vampire (and foe), planned under a devil's deal to kill Tresondros, Lovi and the whores working at the Guild, the Dark Swan. Lian carried the child to term, naming her Wren which suited her both her foreign and parental genes during which time there was a plot to bomb the Swan. After Wren was born, Lian confronted an old Ghost, the Dead Queen Gwendolyn, in which Arkravis was able to reveal his own Ghost Kalar in which Re'yah, the Goddess inside the infant Wren, made the decision that the Ghost had to go and that Arkravis was the true father. While the chaos of the women's death after a Masquerade Lian's company held still loomed, Lian and Arkravis went under the painful processes of reverting themselves to healthier states. Kalar was stolen away by Maria and Lian was returned back to her most natural form as an Elf, removing the Menschian powers and returning her magical abilities to her with the change.

What the future holds now is a mystery…

Abilities: Non Magic

Training from both the Demon War and training with the Royal Army has allowed Lian to have mid-range skills with hand-to-hand combat. Most techniques are used to disarm her opponent, put them to the ground and get them under the barrel or edge of her weapon for easy dispatch. Combined with certain types of magic, she can range from light damage to critical depending on the strength of the spell cast.

Uses similar skills to hand-to-hand combat, but using a retractable baton which causes critical damage depending on the opponent. Used for locations that have limited mobility but also, low skill opponents. Sometimes used against higher skills as a means of insult.


Twin Blades-- A homeland crafted weapon that consists of two blades. The primary skill when in use is a technique from her home land which uses the blades in succession or together. As one blade partially completes its motion, the second is already in motion. As one sword is parried, the other can be used to attack. Its combined with also a footing that allows not only the weapons to be used, but martial arts skills. Its similar to Ba Gua which requires the movements of fluid, but power-filled circles.

Retractable Baton--A primarily one handed technique combined with hand-to-hand combat. The metal baton can be retracted for compact storage but when fully out, its made of a hard black steel. Not very powerful, but it can also be used as an indirect means of passing spells from caster to weapon to target.

All Hail--"All Hail" are actually two guns that are identical Browning 9 mm hand guns. Modified to carry more high power calibered bullets, they combined the speed of a quick shot with magic arts. When Lian was previously human for an amount of time, she was used to using high powered, heavy weapons. Back to being an Elf allows her to use more versatility to her weapons by becoming a gun-mage. The strongest of the spells used in All Hail is a Destruction Spell. When called upon, the sounds of bells like those of Notre Dame sound off and the crowds chanting 'hail' like an oncoming battle. Lian squats down to the balls of her feet, both guns aimed forward, then tilted to the side for balance. When fired, the bells will clang louder and the force is enough to push Lian back ten feet with the recoil. The resulting damage range resembles that of a three pointed crown thus why its called "All Hail" which is short for "All Hail the Queen".

Combat knife--Essentially, that's basically what it is. A combat knife that like the baton, can be used in a fight in close range or places where there is limited mobility.

Abilities: Magic


Destructive--The strongest of Lian's spells. The spell itself combines white magic and dark magic, in which when both combined they repel each other and the resulting explosion is what makes it powerful. However, the resulting sounds of the 'bells' being heard is a hallucination brought on by the light as the spell charges. Early preparation for the spell requires an incantation to create a spell circle for the shots to fire through. Two spell circles and two enchantments are used to create one for light magic use and dark magic use. As both guns are brought around, the circles lock into each other, combining the spells and the shots are fired through. There are no specialty rounds for it, but it leaves Lian physically unable to use her arms for ten minutes (2-3 posts roughly) after the recoil.

Healing-- A average healing spell that can heal from major to minor wounds depending on the amount of time allotted and the seriousness. Has no repercussions nor requires All Hail to use.

Elemental--Lian has a series of magazines around her belt that have bullets with different spells attach to them. All Hail acts much like a mage's staff as it uses a focus. The handles of All Hail have spells circles engraved on the grip which make it easier. As the shots are fired, the spells are activated through the barrel and only react when it strikes a target.

Ice--Used to temporarily freeze opponents in place or to disable a limb. As the shot is fired, the point of connection between target and round causes a chain reaction. The moisture drawn in the air is frozen and lashes out at the nearest stable object like a wall or a person.

Fire--Much like the ice, but is used more like an explosive than a fire ball. At point of contact, it explodes. Lian carries rounds that have different magnitudes to their explosions from 1 to 3. 1 is a singe, 2 is a bit stronger and can cause enough damage to blow off a limb and 3 can clear a room, but also, when shot at three different points, can be used to blow through walls and annihilate a target.

White Magic--The magazine contains 5 bullets exactly to form a pentagram star that activates a purification circle. In addition, anything opposed to white magic can be harmed using the individual bullets, but it is mostly used for exorcisms, purifying the darker species in existence and even healing when combined with normal healing powers while weaponless and not with "All Hail".

Dark Magic--Opposite of White Magic, but can be used in the same manner except for healing. When the pentagram is formed, it can be used for demon summoning and the acceptance of Lian's Demon Contract which she uses to perform Dark Magic spells (Read More below).

Elemental control--For spells not able to be handled by "All Hail', Lian has a natural ability to connect with the elements. From her time as a Menschian, she still has a strong connection to the air while also maintaining control over water, earth and electricity to some extent. Just like every spell, it can have a backlash if not done properly which can cause temporary immobility, unconsciousness, burns and over-use of the earth which can cause unstable structures to collapse or quicksand to form if not done with care. Elements can be combined with hand-to-hand to do critical damage.

Lian's Demon Contract--In order to perform Dark Magic to its fullest extent, Lian made a temporary summoning contract with a Demon from the book that had been sealed away centuries ago. As payment, a small part of her soul is taken with it but to counteract it, Lian created a second artificial soul that is devoured instead. Each Demon of the book has a contract and a skill. Lian's daughter Amantis has a contract with the Demon of Sound while Lian has a contract with the Demon of Speed. When the demon is summoned, Lian's legs become a near unstoppable force. Near unstoppable, because at top speed a single trip can cause a lot of damage or it becomes difficult to stop until the time limit (around 5 posts) is up. When the contract summons is over, Lian is often left temporarily immobile since her body cannot keep up with the unnatural speeds. It usually takes a day or two to recover afterward.


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