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Birthday: 10/25


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I'm a loyal person at heart, and I try to be a good friend. If your in need and I can help I'm the first to volunteer. Making an enemy out of me isn't a suggested thing to do. I won't fight, I won't bully, but I'll make it known that I'm no fan of yours...Not really threatening huh, but then again I won't bully. On a good day you can catch me reading or playing my DS. On a bad day you'll normally find me curled up in bed watching old movies from the 40's and 50's complaining that life was so easy then (knowing full well it wasn't). In real life I'm not an Elf, but a rather small adult.

Often I'm in my own world so if I dont say anything the first time around it's not because I'm ignoring you its because my world is in dire need of saving. Well that about it...I'm no supper women, or a mother needing a break from reality, just an adult who needs a break every once and a while heart .