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signing off~!

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Perhaps a donation?
Poop. s**t.
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Shot InTheFace on 03/02/2023

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Well, hiya. I'm Mia.~ I'm 22. I seem to be trapped in Ohio for the time being. I'm a former writer, I'm in college and I work at the library, the zoo and Arby's. x.x Ehhh. I enjoy manga, anime and Korean dramas. My favorite anime are: Ranma 1/2, Maria Holic, and Death Note. I also enjoy drawing, reading, listening to K-Pop, Judo, and eating.

Don't Think Of Me As Inconsiderate, Just Think Of Me As Not Giving A s**t.

a bit of chit chat~

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C h a n y e o 1 Report | 01/02/2015 3:09 pm
omg Vixx is awesome~ and my fav in BTS is Jimin xD He just has such an adorbs face!
and omg I have almost forgotten about teen top, I need to check their recent stuff and I loove infinite recent song ^^
C h a n y e o 1 Report | 01/01/2015 10:50 am
asdfg yes to all they are all cute~
My fav groups right now are Vixx, Exo, My Name, Shinee and BTS <3
I heard about what happened to B.A.P., I like that they have a very strong bond. I really hope they find a company that appreciates them <3
Hoping for a better year for them!
C h a n y e o 1 Report | 01/01/2015 10:37 am
Yes! emotion_dowant
Next to Jonghyun from Shinee!
How about you? biggrin
C h a n y e o 1 Report | 01/01/2015 10:28 am
oh my ty redface
and yesh kpop is my life! whee
azuneko1 Report | 01/23/2014 5:22 am
your welcome 3nodding
Iovins Report | 01/16/2014 5:06 pm
You're welcome <3 and thankyou C:
Pommes Frites Report | 01/13/2014 11:08 am
I've been wanting to go since high school, and planning for this one since last fall!
I'm a sophomore right now~
For a while i was thinking of transfering to osu (because they offered the same aid as miami, but i couldn't handle school in a downtown city >_< wink

Not to long, only like 2-3 weeks off and on. Hes legit pretty.
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Korea will be awesome! I love the music and dramas, but we only off 1-200 levels at miami. And the people i know in the class are suuuuper wierd.
Pommes Frites Report | 01/13/2014 9:59 am
I wouldn't have a ride up there >_<
Nah, ill me a creeper until he's single~ >3> <3< >3<

I'm doing Japanese too! (I'm a little dissapointed in our department though. There's no Japanese 'major' just and east asia major, so half of my classes with be chinese history, and i'm just not into that)
I took german in high school and i'm pretty good at it, so i leave in a month for germany! (I dont have time or money to do a second one atm. i think i'll try to teach english in japan or save up money to go after grad~)
Pommes Frites Report | 01/12/2014 10:41 pm
AWSOME!!! I didn;t even know bowling green had that major, maybe i did apply there and forgot!
What language are you doing? Do you have to study abroad too?

(Any idea on jobs after graduation?)
((xD; i'm sick of my family asking me and not being able to anwer XDDD)
Pommes Frites Report | 01/12/2014 10:39 pm
Its got a getto feel, isolated, and not great weather. Place a smallish school :/
Yeah I can't remember , i might have applied there too.
Know about some sport evens up there~

Never really, more like i'd meet ppl in real life and then find out they have a gaia.
One kid though, i just met him this month, lives two streets away from my old house and goes to Cincinnati State
. I like a lot him, if he didn't have a girlfriend already i would probably ask him out!