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I'm a vivid, dark blue; ambidextrous; tetrachromat with high literacy, high intelligence, and a high comprehension of good, and evil. And, I am a real astrologer.
*Non-tetrachromats can't clearly see the shades of colors that are between two clear-to-them colors. I hear, and read all the time about how people cannot tell dark blues apart from dark purples. And, they stubbornly don't listen when I correct them. Normal people are color blind. You don't see it right. If you don't believe this, look it up. And, for some reason, most people in fashion are more color blind than average. They can't tell light shades from dark shades within a color, such as pink, and red.
*Most people don't use commas correctly, let alone semi-colons, and colons. A high portion can't even use periods correctly. No. You're not of high literacy. I will not roleplay with you if you're faux intellectualizing your RP by having word count requirements. Those high word counts lower the interactivity between players, and are you confusing RP for solo-written fanfiction. Not only are the "lit" roleplayers bad roleplayers, non-literate, and faux intellectuals (thus rapists), but they have narcissism that can be easily diagnosed by a professional.
*No matter what an "I.Q. test" gives you, and no matter the grade you have in a class, genius is comprised of love. The deeper, and more complex is your love, the higher is your intelligence. To care about someone, or something is to love. And, geniuses care about everyone, and everything at once, causing thinking heavily about everyone, and everything to the point of high comprehension of everyone, and everything. The older they get, the more they know, because they continue to solve about them all. They do not give it a rest at some age, or another. And, they do not use memorization for how to learn, they passionately learn originally instead of it being handed down to them. I am a genius.
*Good, and evil are not "social constructs." They're real. And, most people in the dream I'm typing this in are evil. They're dream demons intentionally building up around elite people in a telepathic dream.
*Horoscope astrology, sun sign favoring astrology, moon sign favoring astrology, and ascendant favoring astrology do not come from real astrologers, and are not real astrology. This is why people think astrology's BS. (Hermes: "You're pointing out that most of it's fake for why they're saying that it's fake." wink


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