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I love to talk and get exercise. I also like to read. I don't read as much as my friend though. I am interested in a guy at my school but I am single. I will not date a guy until i meet him and talk to him. I love chocolate like almost every other girl. I do have break downs so beware. I can be mean but I can also be somebody you can come to if you have a problem and want to talk about it. I come on here frequently so you cn contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Alliyah272 Report | 06/03/2010 6:19 pm
hay whats up loves ur profile
Angel Para Siempre Report | 04/24/2010 5:41 am
Angel Para Siempre
:heeart: Happy Early BitrthDay heart
Kngz Report | 03/05/2010 4:49 pm
wheee i am back and plus yeah i am going to be 15 in december 12th lol so i am only 4 months older then you and i have driven a car when i was ten it is easy and fun ^^. the snow camping was... COLD!! and i am so tired that i am not typing to much i wish i could lol
Kngz Report | 02/27/2010 12:37 pm
really? you got first place! i wish i could here it, and yeah it was fun but at the end my legs hurt cause of how heavy my back back was, and you have a drivers license lucky... and how old are you? i am fourteen years of age lol and wow it looks like this comment is going to be the shortest so far crying , and right now i have to put away dishes, sweep floors, and clean my room the dresser fell apart so my cloths are every where, and my mother miss leaf is out working ^^
Alliyah272 Report | 02/27/2010 12:33 pm
Kngz Report | 02/26/2010 5:08 pm
yeah i just got back form a over night with my school i feel like i am going to go to sleep in the chair and p.s, i went on these huge boulders covered with moss and they had caves underneath them, that where gaps of other boulders that where burred over thousands of years and they were as big as 20 feet high and 20 feet wide which were bigger then my brothers home, and i climbed up to the top of the cliffs that were formed by lava flows and, that is where the boulders fell form, plus me and my class worked on a big bonfire which was to burn all the derbies that we cut off the trees, to help keep fires form spreading as fast, then i chopped up the rotting next to the road, and i am interested in gymnastics i want to join in my ymca i can't wait to join >w< and no i am not gay i gust want to keep a good working body lol
Kngz Report | 02/23/2010 4:00 pm
wtf you are on spring vacation? lucky it will be weeks be for i can go on it... and i am about to go to the Y~ M~ C~ A~ lol, but sadly my bikes breaks are rubbing and it is making it hard do ride on it, and i bent the wheel doing a jump so i am going to get that fixed soon as i can, and my sister is fixing her black hundred year old snake skin boots with silver tape bad idea XD and i am going to try to not make this two long cause that would be a waste of time, and did you see that new search bar they got on gaia? man i cant wait to get out off the house and is this to long?, oh well i will keep writing until;l i feel like i can stop and wow it is so much easer typing to a friend then to write an S.A just as long and i sort of feel like i am spamming... to bad for you lol jk, oh and i have 77k right now XD.
Kngz Report | 02/22/2010 8:34 pm
Good xd i am here eating ice cream, watching a movie and NOT doing home work @(o_o)@ lol its obama lol <_< wow i am so mean but he has done jack s**t. wow i have no clue how i got there but yeah i am in the good having fun with my family and leaving you an overly long comment which in its self is fun, just like firing guns or jumping off cliffs just without the adrenaline rush, am i overly hyper right now?
Kngz Report | 02/22/2010 3:09 pm
yeah i know i was thinking it would be 10k or just never have a signature again lol
Kngz Report | 02/21/2010 5:09 pm
yeah that is what i had and it was to big lol all i had to do was pay 100 gold and i got it back >w<


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