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jSymphony Report | 07/16/2009 6:35 pm
well i know your old password that was nickjonas101 i think lol... delet this comment
dark massive knight Report | 07/13/2009 8:10 pm
wuz up
jSymphony Report | 07/10/2009 6:10 pm
wath you wanna tell me your password cuz idk
Gray Fox3232 Report | 07/07/2009 6:37 pm
thanks and yea i like naruto
jSymphony Report | 07/02/2009 1:03 pm
the thing is i know your password and i can hack you you know^^ i am in your account know XD is kind of lame
jSymphony Report | 07/02/2009 11:51 am
the cerrylover girl i think that shes name... is sayn that you enter in her account and that you was the one that was insultin me is that true??? dont lie please
hottiesarecool Report | 07/01/2009 2:50 pm
iyl lexy ill always be here for you
Mudd_Buddha_08 Report | 05/23/2009 6:01 am
Mudd_Buddha_08 Report | 05/23/2009 5:52 am
hey hows it goin
hottiesarecool Report | 05/15/2009 10:40 am
okay sorry my friend wwas on my thing so if she was saying crap to you SORRY and okay why do you always say crap to me on the commputer and then when im at your house your like all nice and stuff? okay i dont want to deal with this im already going through enough ok! im sick of always putting up with this on the computer i have sstuff im going through right now thanks allyssa i thought you were my friend sad

get to know me:)

hey the name is lexy u only need to say it once and DONT forget older sis is hottiesarecool and idk what to say so u have any questions comment me or PM me ily bye


Nick is all mine!

i LOVE all of my friends and they are sooo nice to me!!!!! one of these girls hacked my profile and i reall like boys ok