Names Alexis! I live, love, breath music. I love my bassoon, Barcelona heart nd I lik writing music. I'm a freshie, and i bleed maroon nd gold! My favorite colors are blue, green nd yellow plus Im a KOOL AID KIDZ for life. Cake nd Ice Cream Day for me is October 5th! I dream big nd go after wat I want, The sky's the limit! I love to laugh but im not afraid to cry. Im reluctant to hurt people bcuz i kno how it feels. I hate feeling dictated and powerless bt more than that... I LOVE MY CRAZY FRIENDS! heart

CORN- your lik tht big brother tht i cnt believe my mom actually had.. I love how I can talk to you about anything nd tht I can actualli trust you... no matter how sad I am you mak me feel a thousand times better.... YOUR AMAZING<3
SHAWN- babe you rock my world ona saturday nite... TOO BAD ITS LIK WEDNESDAY! lol jk jk i love you Shawn! yur lik the perfect best friend.. You tease me.. you mak me laugh.. nd I cant help bt love you.. sometimes I wanna kill yu bt hunn id kill for yu anyday...yur always there for me before the first teaar falls from my eyes, I constantly thank God for yu. I love you Big Brother <3
TAIRO- I lost you.. nd now i found you again.. yur tht ultimate big brother tht i kno will always be there for me... I love you lik crazy! Weve been to hell nd bacc nd weve helped eachother through the harder parts of life. I hate every second were apart but ur always there to help me no matter wat... yu mak my heart race nd yur the best guy onn the whole d*** planet<3
DES- where to begin? yur lik my soul mate in best friend form.. Yu got me on edge nd yu drive me insane. We've gon through everything together nd at the end of each day I can honestli say.. Im blessed to hav a bestie lik yu... I cherish every moment I spend with you nd I love you lik mega crazy. I love how i can spend every second of every day of my life talking to yu nd never get bored! I LOVE YOU, FOREVER ND EVER BOOTS!!<3
CHELTZ- I FRIGGEN LOVE YOU HOE! theres nothin i wudn do for yu...I kno sometimes we argue nd ish, bt im always gonna be here for yu no matter wat smile that means yur stuck wiff me. I love how yur always there for me nd I can always count on yu <3... I love you sweetie... <3
AMBER- Unlike the human species, when a penguin finds its other half, its one true completion, it sticks beside it forever. They work together to the death and depend upon eachother for surviva;. BABE YOUR MY PENGUIN! I love you 1000 skittles smile hah yur the red to my rainbow! <3

As i close, I leave you with this piece of advice.
I <3 u, ily, i luv u, and love ya, just arent the same as I Love You
I swear it makes all the difference, tell someone yu love them before its too late <3 <3 </3
AS YOU CAN SEE, im a great person, filled with love, so get to know me. Ask for the digits, and change yur life for ever. Love,
Alexis J AcklinBarbour <3