"Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions."
- Mr. Lies

Hi. My name's Eli.

Here's what I think:
I think I'm an August Leo.
I think I tend to forget my birthday.
I think most people refer to me as Eli or Ana or Alexis or Lexi.
I think I really like writing, singing and interesting folks.
And cats.
I think I'm self-confident.
But not usually.
I think I like experimenting.
I'm pansexual & solosexual. I think.
Not really romantic.
I do fall in love.
I think I like it when people ******** with my pronouns and rainbow up my gender.
(He said she was going to the mall but zie decided that they wanted to stay home.)

I'll get back to you when I know more.


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The changed journal.

This journal changed from what it was originally, because I believed it sounded whiny. Now it can be about anything, and everything! Dance ze kitty dance with me, you delusional zombies!!



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Report | 09/04/2011 10:48 pm


No problem, I cried too lol

I never cry stare

Report | 09/04/2011 10:45 pm


Yeah that is usually what you find from googling it, you have to google Torchwood with it or else you just get the video game and movie

Also don't worry about looking

Report | 09/04/2011 10:39 pm


It was lol, just not an actual episode

The House of the Dead was a radio drama aired on BBC radio, it is basically just a full audio episode of Torchwood

Chronologically it takes place at the end of that six month period between the 456 incident and when Jack leaves Earth at the end of season 3.

Report | 09/04/2011 10:31 pm


Both quotes are from The House of the Dead

Report | 09/04/2011 10:25 pm


I get that a lot lately!

But the important thing is that it made me smile...and cry a little...I ADMIT IT OKAY, I HAVE NO SHAME
xxKiller Kishixx

Report | 08/20/2011 4:24 pm

xxKiller Kishixx

That is entirely true to a certain extent. Sometimes if there are Avatars you can partially discern what is going on.
xxKiller Kishixx

Report | 08/15/2011 1:51 pm

xxKiller Kishixx

*blinks* Oh... It's my fault then. Sorry for making you feel shut out.
xxKiller Kishixx

Report | 08/12/2011 4:41 pm

xxKiller Kishixx

IS it not work?
xxKiller Kishixx

Report | 08/12/2011 4:18 pm

xxKiller Kishixx

That's alright. I figure you have work stuff to do.
xxKiller Kishixx

Report | 08/09/2011 5:29 pm

xxKiller Kishixx

heart heart Happy Birthday! heart heart


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