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"So I be written in the Book of Love; I do not care about that Book above. Erase my name, or write it as you will, So I be written in the Book of Love."
-Omar-Khayyam, Persian poet

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Name: Lexenos
Nicknames: Lex, Lexy, Sexy Lexy. >.>
I am 22, and I'm an Aquarius. I'm a classically trained trumpet player, and I'm crazy about the school's Shilke Eb (really amazing horn). I REALLY like video games, especially anything and everything Final Fantasy. My favorite is FFIX. (Update: Lost Odyssey is vying for top place. >.> Kaim's effing hot man.) And how can we forget my favorite classic, Spyro? First game was awesome, second game was better, but it all went downhill after that. If Gantz (warning: Mature) was a game, it would totally be one of my favorites. Update: Gantz is a game, but it's Japanese only. )=

I spend all my gold on buying art. xD I have a really huge collection of it too. I'm on a never ending quest for art. And I've finally found a few affordable artists that are all very awesome.

Ah, nothing quite ruins my day like a random friend's request. Get to frickin know me first. That means send me a deep PM full of thought provoking ideas, damnit.

Old mega obsession: Yami/Yugi Yaoi
Past obsessions: Fred/George twincest; Harry/Severus in The Marriage Stone, Brago, My Oblivion Characters
Current Obsession: BRAGO <3

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"What was it?" Severus asked quietly. "The selfish thing you said mattered to you?"

Harry sighed heavily, feeling strangely empty inside. "That it mattered that it was me. That you did all this because it was me -- not your duty, or because I was the Boy-Who-Lived, or your bondmate, but because I was me, just me, just Harry."

Something passed over Severus' features, some hard emotion that flickered to life in the man's eyes. "Harry," he said softly, and his voice was like warm velvet. "Duty was the last thing on my mind when I went into the Winter Lands after you."


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Cosmic Detective Report | 06/27/2012 9:59 am
Cosmic Detective
Hello. 8D
Poe-tae-toee Report | 01/11/2012 7:52 pm
But I love doing that! -grins and hugs you-
Poe-tae-toee Report | 01/11/2012 7:44 pm
Yay! heart heart heart
Poe-tae-toee Report | 01/11/2012 5:47 pm
-pokes with a stick-
Can I be your random friend thats not so random, Lex? xD heart
marshmallowcreampie Report | 12/20/2011 7:03 pm
Yeah, I know how work is. Been tiring myself out with school and trying to find a job. cat_rofl
Zeal Nyran Report | 11/30/2011 4:09 pm
Zeal Nyran
My classes are finally winding down and I have time to go out and reconnect with my long lost accounts xD
Zeal Nyran Report | 11/30/2011 4:04 pm
Zeal Nyran
I know x_x Life has been hectic for me recently.
Zeal Nyran Report | 11/30/2011 3:55 pm
Zeal Nyran
Trainwreck Tragedy Report | 11/28/2011 12:10 pm
Trainwreck Tragedy
Hey! biggrin
black_wing_angel Report | 10/17/2011 11:46 am




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