Name: Forgotten
Age: 23
Location: Cali
¿Making people laugh
¿Scaring people
¿Doing stupid crap
¿Video games
¿Listening to music
¿Tattoos/ Piercings
¿Chillin' at the beach...can't get enough of that
¿The Dunes...'cept they give you sand boogies
...to be continued...

¿Stupid/ Ignorant people
¿Awkward moments/ silences
¿Any sort of physical contact (weird right)
¿People messing with my hair
¿The color yellow
¿The fact that I feel old as all hell
¿Hot stuff up my nose (don't ask)
¿Snorting energy drinks (again, don't ask)
...to be continued...

School: Received my AA Degree in Fine Arts and Humanities. Currently a senior, and on my final year, at SDSU. Working on my BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Lot of school under my belt. that s**t just takes way too long.

So yeah, I will do anything for my friends. They mean the world to me, and without a lot of them I wouldn't be here, no joke either. I have been known to do some crazy stuff just to make them laugh, I never like to see my friends down. I also make strangers laugh, but that usually isn't on purpose, it's just the after math of the stupidity that is my family. Sad thing is we're all really smart, just when we get anywhere near each other the stupid gene breaks loose. But yeah, I'm fun, crazy, mellow, and I bet you're jealous.

And another note, I am an avid RP'er. Seriously. I am recreating a guild where I am going to attempt an idea I have had for awhile. But onto more about what I do. I will RP in any style. I am capable of keeping it PG-13, but sometimes the smuts just good. I can keep it classy, have respect for my fellow role-players since I know many don't share my opinion. Nor does Gaia. I am a rather lit person, considering English is something I excel at. But I can tone it down. Sometimes reading novel like posts are just not fun. So yeah, hit my up if you want to RP, and I'll be game for it. End Scene.

Bis zum nächsten Mal.