super prize 2011's and any marches. i so want to complete my collection of those and any astra you dont want. oh also buying any sd plus's. especially if they have a option for clothing of any sort. otherwise will still buy if i dont got it already

aquarium link


i am a good person, at least i think so. i might be biased because of that. lol. anyway, always looking to make new friends. i am a bit dirty minded and majorly into anime and jpop and kpop music.

i do have several different social networks. want any of that information just ask. we can chat in the meantime. i wont bite unless ya want me too. lol.
i do like roleplay. but heavens i feel that it should be thought of as ya go. none of these weird pre-story things people seem to throw at me lately. i feel like they are some sort of script and they feel too restricitve. dont mind some erotica in my rp but overall i can write erotica better than rp. so yes lets do try to keep that out of our rping. of course if i get offered in platinum to do so i'll definitely not mind the erotica. razz

that is all for now


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feel free to speak ur mind here friends

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Mouth of the Void Report | 10/25/2019 3:22 pm
Mouth of the Void
Sorry I've been gone so long! You're able to contact me on discord right? Message me if you need my account.
Katana Nova Cat Report | 10/07/2019 12:55 pm
Katana Nova Cat
Thanks! Your avi is nice too cat_smile
Lera Crow Report | 06/06/2019 1:24 pm
Lera Crow
whew finally back
Lera Crow Report | 05/01/2019 6:18 pm
Lera Crow
Dose-Of-Irony Report | 11/03/2018 6:20 am

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Please click here to go to your November 5th birthday topic in A Peaceful Corner of Gaia ... Happy Birthday yum_cupcake

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JhiLyhan Report | 07/30/2018 8:25 am
Helloo o/ ~ thank you for dropping by my profile and liking my previous avi heart
I kind of just changed now after xxxx years LOL literally. I really like your avi as well btw uwu
Bluevamp7275 Report | 05/22/2018 10:42 pm
thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_4laugh
You need Stitches Report | 04/30/2018 10:05 pm
You need Stitches
oh its fine. we sat and talked a bit. lol. she seems nice. i'll message ya about that other manga/comic stuff. >.< dang stuff too erotic at times. man....dood...i think they need a shower lol.
You need Stitches Report | 04/24/2018 1:04 pm
You need Stitches
sweet profile. love it. and what do you think of my outfit?? i dressed up for you. lol.
You need Stitches Report | 04/07/2018 11:22 pm
You need Stitches
do you know a rune ether?? had a friend request rfom them. so thought to ask you. profile is dumbly not made to public. i dont like those type of people. :/