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"I aim to conquer nothing, as nothing shall conquer I"
~ Leonardo S. Virunas

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~{|| The 7 Incarnate's of Leonardo Tensatsu ||}}~

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Malevolence of Innocence

{{ Deity of Malevolence of Innocence }}
Designated to guard over his ancient property this particular incarnate doesn't exist as a sentient entity, rather a pooled consciousness harbored within the MoI's Recondite Catacombs. Unable to influence beyond the continent MoI exists upon it boasts supreme omnipotence as a spectator only able to utilize its immense power through a willing conduit present upon the property. Such 'conduits' typically reserved only for one of the 5 sentient incarnated forms it was split from, though on rare circumstances it harbors the potential to possess any willing host with full governance over the depth less Recondite power the Catacombs or created from, and all the objects littered within.

{{ Dimensional Prison Incarnate }}
This specific incorporeal incarnate of Leonardo doesn't exist outside its created dimensional space/time, governing those captured inside while also acting as the 'gateway' for summoning any of the energetics, or entities within outside via one of the other seven incarnates acting as the conduit.

Tier 1

Consisting of a physical dimensional universe the original Leo created himself on the outskirts of the pre-existing infinite space time continuum, consisting of unimaginable lengths of space and countless inhabited planets. Not all of which acted as Leonardo's private generators, as the hand full of intelligent planets he had established life on held a diversity of all those mortal that had been devoured by their worlds creator. Worshiped as an ambiguous god, Leonardo's incorporeal incarnate draws and distributes a large quantity of his power from their sheer will of worship alone. This of course not being their only function, as their 'god' was well known for causing entire populations to vanish or animal species to go extinct for his own external agenda.

The ability to reproduce allowing this continued option, as the highest technologically advanced planet had combined what they called 'Madi' or 'Magec' into a federation of mixed technology and mage craft. Still incapable of space travel, the other planets linger between what one could assume the modern era, and more spiritually aware culture's with their own unique system of governance. The population's defining no specific origin of species, so conflicts arise more over moral principles or cultural differences then species or appearance. Capable of converting those existing within his dimension into a pure form of malleable energetic used to fuel his external incarnates unique abilities. Their second death only pooling back into the ebb flow cycle of life Leo indulged within.

Governing Powers

Tier 2

Within this incarnates second created dimensional universe, the laws of physic's only seem to lay down a rough outline for the much more powerful lesser gods, demi-gods, and higher ranking demonic, angelic, and more deity associated entities. Within this splayed universe not occupied by any planets yet rather realms within pockets of space that act as governing bodies that don't worship their captor as much so as try to survive the others he'd captured. War within these realms span days to eon's in their almost time less sense of progression. Should one slay another, the 'soul' or essence of the one slain simply returns to the multiconscious governing incarnate to be either consumed, manifested, or replaced back into what behaves essentially as a prison where even these powerful forces found themselves govern and trapped by what Leo was commonly referred to as the 'Overlord'.

Governing Powers

Tier 3

Here reside's all those primordial, potentially omnipotent, higher dimensional entities. The created dimension here acting as an endless flat wasteland, with no evidence of vegetation, civilization, or even discernible attribute's as far as ones unique perceptions could venture. The entities lingering here finding themselves trapped within a spacial fluctuation of intense gravity induced time that strings out the existence of such powerful usually incorporeal entities across an infinite span of identical dimensional wastelands. This achieved to not freeze, but slow even their advanced abilities to a manageable scale that didn't leave a lot of perceptible time to ponder as occasionally one entity would phase into another's overlapping loop for the briefest moment to add a constant sense of urgency of attention. Attempting to puncture one or more dimensional layers futile as it is quickly over lapped in the semblance of regeneration, while rending a space larger enough to channel a different dimension is distorted by the constant changing of the outer dimension much as one could imagine splicing sections of a hallway even should the door be opened.

The equivalent would be like your cognitive perception having an infinite number of flash cards perpetually flipped in front of it as any flicker of a second you might catch attention of something outside the conscious numbing nothingness. Here, the incarnate acts as their assumed Nemesis. Some form of power like or beyond their own that had managed to get the better of them for what all immortals considered only a 'time'. Arguably, if the incarnate bothered to converse with them on occasion they would find he had obtained them through some means or another and until released were as susceptible to the incarnates omnipotent conversion of energetics into raw consumable sources for his own manipulation. These entities simply offering themselves as a much larger buffet not as easily finished off so long as some fragment of themselves continues to exist.

Governing Powers

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List of current full RPC profiles~

{{ Leonardo S. Virunas }}
This Leonardo known as 'Virunas' represents the Rebellious nature of his original self, existing as the only incarnate physically composed of the hybrid genetic consciousness that most resembles the 'Tensatsu' incarnate before him. Vastly reduced as a subsidiary of his previous self this Leonardo in comparison retains only the most basic of his inherited abilities.
-Current owner of the thread Malevolence of Innocence
-Suffering from transmutation incarnated sickness
-Adopted daughter Rini Virunas

{{ Dante Lord Saligia }}
The acronym 'SALIGIA' pertaining to the Latin term for the original 7 deadly sins that represent Dante's incarnation. Fueled by these concepts Dante literally feeds from not only his own sin, but those emanated or acted upon by others around him. Known to incite, and breed these concepts where ever he travels to empower himself Dante loathes the entity he was incarnated from along with the others that shared his creation. Limited with only the memories of his previous selves most heinous history Lord Saligia aims to forge his own future path separate from his recollected incarnate memories.
-Member of the Kings of Neo-Gen ( The Garage )
-Got his s**t torn up by Samayou Tamashii

{{ Yomi No Kuni }}
Named, and titled after the Japanese underworld Yomi exists as the representation of incarnated wisdom. Harboring his own memories distinct from his previous incarnate's with a history unique to his daimonion species before he had been incorporated into the hybrid existence of Tensatsu. Entrusted with governance of the underworld he is named after Yomi holds a strict resolute honor to the code of Bushido, considering himself the most independent of his split incarnates. Often silent, and reserved Yomi views violence only as a last resort if provoked beyond forgiveness.
-Engaged with Tous Shinjiko
-Current guardian of the other incarnates

{{ Raphael Cura }}
Existing as the 'youngest' of the split incarnate's Raphael appears as little more than a 10 year old child in spite of his angelic erelim heritage shunned by his previous incarnated self. Representing curiosity as his governing attribute Raphael persists as an innocent harbinger of divine virtue, capable of manipulating elemental 'fonons' to compensate for his weak physical form. Opposite of his brother incarnate 'Dante' Raphael is fueled by the 7 virtue's, and gratitude of others he encounters. Harboring no memory of his previous incarnated forms the child like angel is completely absent of any taint his original possessed.
-Undeveloped / Open for Plot

{{ Youming Shun Xun }}
Given the title 'Jiufeng' after the Chinese nine headed bird phoenix Youming's incarnated form represents mortal courage, and a humans strength of will. Harboring his own mortal memory extracted from a famous martial artist he prefers the nick name 'Xun' which he also named his own unique style of hybrid martial arts after. An avid practitioner of Wing Chun, Tsun Chun, and many forms of Chinese boxing Youming is also void of any of his previous incarnate's memories. A bit headstrong at times with a very strict sense of loyalty 'Xun' enjoys showing off his abilities against skilled opponents, and meditating to modern 'dubstep' that inspires many of his rapid speed martial art skills.
-Undeveloped / Open for Plot

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