Hello ^^ My name is Ash, but I'm usually called Raven by my online friends. I'm currently a student with a large interest in art, literature, and music. I also love to role play very much and would love for anyone to message me if they're interested in starting one or they need another member. Don't be shy. I live in the pacific time zone and I'm usually online at later hours of the night, or random points throughout the weekend. If you want to get to know me or anything, shoot me a message.

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Human A Potion
Girl's Fancy Hawk Black (Dark)
Cig (Lip)
Star Smasher (Shorts)
Live Free or Pie Hard (rockin shirt)
Moira's Fashion Flashback (Punk Leather Coat)
ICHI-maru-KYUU (Platform heels)
Fremere's Guard (Mild Disatisfaction)
Alice's Card Tricks (Flight of the Cards)

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Rose Pascal l'artiste (Wig)
Death Whisper (Drone)
Weeping Wanderer
Woodland Druid (Sidhe Tattoo)
The Lovers (Dress)
Demonic Anklets
Erebus' Moon (Doloris Scarf)
Ivory Baronet (Frosty Breath)
Lila Fa (Tree)
Death Whisper (Darkedge (3))




1x1 RP Thread
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