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Eistelle Report | 05/24/2007 3:56 pm
kool...But uh...Nevermind. Im just not really into it today. I ran mi lungs out. Now I breathe really hard. I did this because mi parents arent treating me like a daughter. Running gets that stress and pain off of me.
Eistelle Report | 05/23/2007 7:38 am
lol. Wats up wit U. Good Luck and kill him!! lol. OMG!! Me and Kira are going to travel the wolrd. But before that were gonna go get drunk. I told her about a hang over and shes still kinda unsure. I said " We'd be fun drunks" Then our friend Chris said " If you guys get drunk I wanna come. You wont have any objections or remember what you did." :XP: lol
X_xToshiya-ChanX_x Report | 05/15/2007 7:09 pm
Hey levikivis! ^^so wats ups? lol. i know, the celing! lol. so stay on till kiara gets here cshe is cleaning right now. so wat race are you? ^^
Eistelle Report | 05/15/2007 7:28 am
Hey crazy!!! The messages are back on! lol. Ugh! I gotta break up wit him! I just cant muster the courage to. *Cry*
Eistelle Report | 05/14/2007 9:22 pm
Is the guy in ur profile U?
Eistelle Report | 05/14/2007 8:06 pm
lol. Kiras so crazy! I love her to death though.
Eh. Dont worry about it. I stayed on a little longer wondering if U'd get on or not. Then I gave up and Headed to bed, I slept till 7 wen mi Dad woke me shaking mi bed screaming

" KIARAAA!!! EARTHQUAKE!!! AHHH!!!! EARTHQUAKE!!!!: I kicked him and screamed

" GET OUT OF MI ROOM U QUAK!!!!" And slept till 7: 30 Wen I had to eat Breakfast, thewn I was forced into a shower, then I went swimming.

Mi cousions were there and I swam for a long time. After I got off and tanned on the grass. Then her and Anthony came up and got me wet!!

After like 5 mi. I heard her get out of the pool ( she's like Twice mi size >.< wink I sat up and she comes running at me. She tackled me and mi back hit the groundthen mi foot I dunno wat happened but now mi foot hurts >.<
X_xToshiya-ChanX_x Report | 05/14/2007 7:58 pm
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! oh, ok its over, as long as im typing this comment, i wont see the scarryness. ^^ lol. so, wat race are you? and not afraid of men wearing make-up! i used to hag wit the rockers, until met kiara. im totally fine wit it, but its just the blood, and darkness that creeps me out. ^^
Eistelle Report | 05/14/2007 7:31 pm
lol. Thats does sound fun but tireing. lol. Funny, so, U to good to talk to me saying "Peace"
But I've been ok. I was called flat-chested bi mi cousin and I almost cried, Shes flat chested not me!!!!! * Cry*
Eistelle Report | 05/14/2007 7:18 pm
Hey messages doesnt work so i hafta talk thriugh comments eh heh
Eistelle Report | 05/11/2007 8:42 pm
I noticed lol. I cant...if I could I would but I cant so I wont. lol. Silly. Ur funny, ugh. I'm talkin to Kira on the phone. She's so weird. Randomly talkin about crap. And today Mi parents took me to BUrger King cuz I didn't eat Breakfast or Lunch. By the bathrooms some guy put his hand on mi shoulder and said

" U have really big ( I don't wanna say it but I think U got it). U got a boyfriend?"


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