Joshua - We've been dating for over a year and although we have had a bumpy road, we always stick together. We are completely perfect for one another and everyone knows it. There is no denying the love we share. You keep my heart beating when I feel like I can't go on any longer. You keep me smiling through all of the s**t I hate. You are everything I love and live for. Being with you made me realize that love is real and can happen for anyone, no matter their age or distance. You make me happier than anyone or thing in this entire world ever could. I never want to be without you, because when I don't have you I feel like I have no purpose. We were meant to be, and we know it. There is nothing in this world that means as much to me as you do. Everything about you is perfect for me. You handle me so wonderfully. You're sweet, loving, funny, and charming. I couldn't go a day knowing you aren't mine. I love you.

Jessica - I have never been so close to someone in my entire life. She knows me and my ways better than I ever would. I can completely be who I am with her, and she still calls me the next day. I have so much love for her it is crazy, even to myself. She is perfect.. beautiful.. smart.. funny.. athletic.. what more could anyone ask for? I am glad she is my bumblebee and my princess. She makes my heart smile with her laugh and my hands tremble with her smile. She is everything to me, and always will be. I love and adore her.

Adriel - We have been best friends since we met. You are amazing beyond compare. I never stop smiling when I talk to you. I love it when you sing on the phone and then beg me to. You always find a way to make the best out of my worst situations. I can tell you anything. You make me feel like I mean something to someone, and I need you around. You are my confidant. We have our nicknames and our jokes. I love you so much.

Emery - We've been inseparable since twelve. You always have my back no matter what kind of s**t we get into, and I will always have yours. I am so excited that we are living together now, you have no idea. We are going to have some great times like the old days. You are the only person I have to confide in, because while everyone else has turned their backs on me.. you never have. And I appreciate you more than I know how to say or show. You have to know that even when you are on top all of the time, you are always loved and in my heart. You mean too much to me to tell you. "Have faith in me." You and I together are the best pair and no one knows that better than we do. We've made some pretty amazing times together that I could never forget. I love you like a sister and I will always.


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Kyndra Savannah Leianne.
Sixteen l Taken

I have more people in my life than I deserve, that I can call my friends and family. I love every aspect of photography, nothing is more enjoyable than getting that perfect accidental shot. There are things about me that you will never fully understand, even if you've try your hardest. I listen to songs over and over to clear my mind of the things no longer worth thinking of. I have a bigger heart than I'd like to have. I let myself down more than I ever wanted to. My will-power is nearly nonexistent. I have a good life though it has had its blemishes and I may not have the luxuries other posses, but what I do have I cherish.

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