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Hello, My name is Trudy Joy. I do not like being called Trude or Rude as an Nickname. I prefer being called Joy or Tru. I am 33 years old and am Married with 5 Children, I love my family very much and in no way do i neglect them.
I do not cyber i am not a cyber whore and i happily socialize with friends on here and my husband Marcus Legion - Now Known as Legion Of the Dead. We have been real life married for the past 10 years, we have been together however for almost eleven years!
My husband , my Darling Kris as he is known offline, is the most sweetest and understanding man i have ever known but like any human he has his ups and downs, and although i do complain at times, i love him, i will not leave him and i cherish him as i do the rest of our family.

Being a parent is Hard work but i would not change it for the world. I have 2 children with high maintenance needs due to Autism Spectrum Disorders but i would not change them for the world. With my other three they are Gems too and each one very precious to me with their own individual personalities that makes them unique.

At times i do regret not being able to go out a lot this is due to a lack of babysitters, but i deal with it as i am not all physically social anyhow so online is my social lifeline. I do Suffer badly with Anxiety ,which i have medication for, so if i don't act like myself or ever go quiet it's probably cuz i am bogged down with life outside the net, i accept random pm's and friend requests but only if people make the effort in conversing with me.

I am Artistic, i love to draw and will happily draw for whatever or even for free if i feel like it.
if you need more info i am just a pm away. I do not Accept Random Friend Invites so if you want me as a friend please spend the right amount of time to talk to me first.


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Queentintin Report | 08/06/2019 10:47 am
happy Birthday me friend heart
Queentintin Report | 04/07/2018 3:08 pm
ok well can you add me as your friend? =)
Queentintin Report | 04/07/2018 3:03 pm
Hey, I,m good=) just had a 2hr walk with my son to the village and back xd , it was snowing and sunny at the same time lol
Queentintin Report | 04/06/2018 8:27 am
Hello heart
Queentintin Report | 12/06/2017 9:46 am

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Joyeux Noel a tout mes amis <3
Hey woman! =) is it you? have you changed your name? eek i miss you, busy with the kids?

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Lycanthropos Report | 09/16/2017 9:21 am
Hi there! biggrin How's things?
Lycanthropos Report | 08/19/2017 6:27 am

Thankies! How're you? Don't you have a holiday coming up? Or am I confused?

Queentintin Report | 08/07/2017 9:48 am
It's your birthday! Bonne fete mon amie heart
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Legion of the Dead Report | 08/07/2017 12:36 am
Legion of the Dead
Happy Birthday love! heart
Markangel The Archangel Report | 06/28/2017 3:15 am
Markangel The Archangel

I I have my problems but am not unwell thank you for asking. and am hoping you are in good health and happy.

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