I 'm not geru žmogumi -- I 'm a reiškia, savanaudis kalės vaikas

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The name would be Rémy ******** Curtis
I'm the nightmare you can't shake
I'm the b***h you don't want to ******** with
I'm the reason you're afraid of the dark

No one said I was nice
No one said I was understanding
No one said I was ******** caring

To be honest I won't trust you
To be honest I won't back down
To be honest I won't give a ********]

I'm the opposite of distrustful
I'm the opposite of disrespectful
I'm the opposite of disavowing

I'm nothing short of surprising

I'm everything but selfless

Respect and honor is everything, without it we have nothing
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Feel free to help me earn this :]

So let's get free
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See this? This is my boyfriend, Oliver
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As of 1/10/11 this boy right here is mine.
Chyler Oliver Zeke Lusk.
He's gorgeous and one of the sweetest kids I've ever met.
The main thing is: he treats me right
I've never felt so..safe around anyone
And, to think I almost left him, unwilling to let him in
I'm so happy that I stuck it out with you, Oliver, because, well, you're worth it
You put a smile to my face when I'm in a bad mood and you take all my s**t I give you when I'm in an unshakable bad mood
When I say 'I love you', I mean it.
And I take it to the grave with me.
Let's just say that he's my theme song
I know we've hit..well, quite a few rough spots but he never gives up on me
He's funny as hell, even if I sometimes act annoyed...
really, I'm laughing and thinking what a dork he is
But, I love that about him
He has a tendency to make situations lighter than they should be which is alright because it takes out stress
I love you until my heart stops beating, Oliver, it beats your name.
So ladies and gents...
******** off his d**k.


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XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 02/01/2011 2:41 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Awww, he's so sweet.
Yay, he's being released soon! biggrin
Oh, God, that's terrible about your boyfriend.
I don't understand why guys have to cheat and everything...I really don't. It's quite sad. :l
But you aren't sure about those things about your boyfriend, right? They're just assumptions?
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/31/2011 1:19 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Ah, I see.
It's low because of his asthma, right?
Aww, that's so cute and sweet of him. But he needs to focus on getting better ^^
I can't wait to talk to him again. I miss him so much.
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/29/2011 12:01 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

That's great! He'll be better in no time, them ^^
His peak is low? What does that mean?
Aww hearing things like that make me miss him more.
I really love him. <3
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/28/2011 6:04 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Yes, that's a very good thing. I'm happy he's getting better. biggrin
R-really? He dreams about me? Awww~, I love my Caly. He's so sweet. heart
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/28/2011 3:36 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Well that's a relief.
That makes me feel more at ease.
I'm glad he's showing signs of getting better ^^
Well, it's good their keeping him there until he's well enough.
I don't want him to be sick again.
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/28/2011 2:45 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Oh my, God... cry
He can walk now, that's good.
Is he getting better, though? I really hope so.
My poor Calyvn, I hate that he has to go through all of this suffering.
I hope this won't be as bad as that season. I don't want him to get hurt or worse. sad
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/27/2011 7:04 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Awww, my poor Calvyn! D:
Well... at least he's calmed down from that, I bet he was scared about this whole situation.
*sigh* I know, it's just the season that's affecting him. Has it ever been this bad, though?
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/27/2011 1:43 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

I hope everything turns out okay.
I don't want anything to happen to him.
Well of course I have to worry about him. I love him! He's my friend and boyfriend, I can't help but to worry about him when he's sick or when somethings wrong.
*sigh* I just really hope he gets better. I don't want him to be sick and suffering. sad
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/26/2011 6:59 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Hi, Remy smile
Oh, God...
Well, at least he's getting treated for it.
I don't want him to continue being all sick, you know?
It worries me to no end what could happen to him.
I think I'm being a little paranoid, forgive me. sweatdrop
Oh, I miss him too. I miss him a lot and I love him, too.
XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Report | 01/12/2011 1:52 pm

XxPsychedelic DreamsXx

Oh, I'm doing fine. I'm not sick or anything, i've just had a headache from the stress of exams but I'm over it.
I haven't fainted or anything, I'm fine.


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