Me, myself and I!

Facts about ME!!!

My full name is Emily Cate McMillan
I live in Australia
I'm 15
I'm in Year 10
I like to read and write
I like to draw but not paint =P
The Theater is my home!!!
Basically I'm creative...
I live close to the beach and it's soo cool, I love it
I absolutely love my school, it's a Performing Arts High School!!! I only started this year and it's amazing!
NINJA STYLE ninja ( I also heart random outbursts!)
I think i you get a chance to pursue your passion, I say go for it (Unless of course there is a major issue which sets you back until another chance!)
Age Quad Agis - What ever you do, do well, it's Latin
Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon - Hogwarts school motto, yeah, I like Harry Potter and literally cried when I didn't get my letter
I considered vampires cool before they turned into romantic, sparkly animal blood suckers.
I also considered werewolves cool before they turned into true love findings, high temperature, angry wimps.

unfortunately folks, my short biography has to end sometime, and so here it is =)