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Cool Dry Place

You are the New Day

And So It Goes

I'm Yours, Somewhere Over the Rainbow



Appearance: Tan skin, Dark eyes, Lean body, 5ft Tall. Her hair color changes daily.
Race: Appears to be Human, but it has been indicated that she has a Secondary Form. She also has the Ability to Manipulate Electricity and Fire.
Age: Appears to be a Young Adult.
Job: Dancer at the Cabaret Bistro. Bartender at Lusus Naturae.
Skills: Dancing, Eating large quantities of Food and making it look Sexy.
Home: Lives above Lusus Naturae.
Past: Used to be a Street Performer. Used to work for someone who she is terrified of. Used to live with her two Mothers and Step-Father. One of her Mothers was a Cook, the other was a Nyotaimori Model. Step-Father served in the Military.
Known Associates: Nicho Raynar, Lyall Vuk, Boris, and other members of the Lusus Naturae Biker Club.
Sightings: Shiki Sushi Authentic Japanese Cuisine and Bar, Joe’s Diner, Two Doors Down, Lusus Naturae, the Swanhild Manor.

Annie's Song

Notes on Roxie's Life.

View Journal

What is Not-So-Commonly Known about Roxie.

A log of what has happened and been revealed about Roxie since her arrival to the realm she is currently living in.

Pass Me By

Mein Herr

The Gentleman is a Dope



Appearance: Green skin, Amber eyes, Blue hair, Lean body, 5ft Tall.
Race: Elf/Dryad Half-Breed.
Age: A Young Adult.
Job: Tracker, Ranger, Hunter, Adventurer.
Skills: Archery, Dual-Wielding Blades, Nature Magic - Healing Aspects, Hunting, Tracking, Climbing, Swimming, Tree-Bonding.
Home Town: Aman’lu.

May It Be

The Sound of Silence

Scarborough Fair - Canticle

If I had a Heart

Leath Briod