If you don't know where you are heading, you are going to end up somewhere else.

I guess I can say I truly like/love this stuff:
MY ELECTRIC GUITAR BBY, DuckTapeMOonCheese <3333
being a female bby ;3 icecream, randomness, easy going, jokes, love, laughing, talking, friends, Kazuya /PI<3, going to concerts, rubber ducks, unique, purple & green, nature, waterfalls, castles, music, my band, DC shoes, posters,traveling, Japan, photography, drawing, reading, deviant art, my sister,the city,JROCK/JPOP and MUCHO more I can’t come up with.

I LOVE these bands/singers:
Three days grace, adema, linkinpark, the red jumpsuit apparatus,bullet for my valentine, story of the year, second hand serenade, papa roach, Alexz Johnsen, Dennis, daft punk, hellogoodbye, evanescence, within temptation, Nirvana, shiny toy guns,lostprophets, sum 41, 30 seconds to mars, skillet, from first to last, fall out boy, hinder, crossfade, despairsray (SEEN INREAL), dir en grey (SEEN INREAL), alice nine, all American rejects, breaking benjamin, kat-tun, NEWS, boyslikegirls, sugarcult, greenday, bright eyes, kill hannah and many more.

Stufu I do not likey <!--3:
Sadness, yelling, fighting, tears, waiting, sickness, arrogant people, people with no opinion, barbies, yellow, angry, depression, not being able to do anything for someone.

I like it if you send me a pm or give me a comment <3

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