Azurux's style

  • misunderstands thing's or purposely twists them

  • tries to make things seem worse

  • Gets agitated by small details

  • Gives advice to clan leader who listen

  • Gets close to people easily

  • often takes a clan apart pending on what they did

    Goes strait to the point

    Takes his time


When Link appeared his typing style changed
They both caused a clans death in about the same manor.

I think

I don't particularly look down on him or up but I do like him better than link for he appeals to MY thought process slightly more. Though he should shut up more. I highly doubt he could have walked around as Aost with out telling about 9 people. & then everyone knows. A brief Aost part maybe. I also don't see what he did link contacted him first then started fallowing him on mules ect... So the only threat he was, was... ah I'd say it was something else the whole things just weird.

He tends to get paranoid easily, & will shut up for several hours. I think he's a brat. it doesnt take long for him to piss people off & they ignore him. Then h gets all paranoid & has a tantrum of on his avi, profile, other account, journal entry, drawing's ect...

About this dairy

You can all come to Gaia to escape the days of the real world. But, whats it all amount to? You can't get real world war/tactics/analyzation experience & use it on the computer. You use it in the real world.

There are always 2 sides to the same story. Only one prevails.

This is the final result of my investigation between Link & Azurux.

You can do what you want go to Azu say I'm him or go to link accuse him of being me. None of it will affect me in the real world or here. But, you can't walk away without not taking anything from what I have said.

About me

I am no one on gaia. I'm no one outside gaia. you can try & look for me if you wish. But, you won't hurt me anywhere. I'm no one.

This is notheing to do with me. It's to one of the Aosts
Well that's all I have to say
are you going to learn from this?
you might not
really I would like you to
going without learning isn't much fun
Two people have caused so much trouble
Hide from the truth if you like

About this case

everyone was stupid & jumped to conclusions. I'm sure the 1 or 2 Aost new you would all compare typing styles. so I don't have any doubts that he typed completely opposite of who he is. So chances are he preplanned it all.

His gaol I have no idea.

This cause was all about style & tactics. Over the computer you cab change your typing style on a whim. But, your though process stays the same. Sure it dose get better, maybe change a little. But, the out line remains the same.

Ned-san you were one of the people who made this mistake. Listen. If you were looking for a ***** that changed his typing style what would you do? I'll tell you. You analyze the way the conversation starts with each victim. you could probably narrow down your search then you'd compare typing styles. This isn't the real world ned. It's all fake. For all we know you could be 15 & just saying all the stuff you say.

[I pointed you out because I though you should know. There's a huge difference between Gaia & the real world.]

So this case its analyzation of styles.

My thoughts

Well... Link & Azu are both crazy. They both have the same thought's on some clans being worthless & should go out of the system. However

Azu: dose nothing but point in the direction he wants that clan to go. He use's a bit of black mail & gives advice & things to the leader if they listen. in general freaks out about forums being disorganized & redoes them. Otherwise he says the clan will die cause they didn't want to listen to this god. [lol]

Link: He typicly wines & preaches about it. He says all clans should be run his way. If they don't listen he declares war on them. Etheir out of parranoia or rage. He tends to not no when to quit.

Link & Azu both left a past no wanting for it to be found.

Link says luc was an idiot & that he's not him "he did thing that had no point & to test things."

Azu doesnt mention much about Azure but he dose admit to being him. " I did make lots of mistakes but I will say I did I'm not perfect."

Link thinks the DM is stupid because fights should be settled in debates. ect...

Azu thinks the same but supports the DM because he says some people are idiots & can't settle arguments other wise.

in other words there both delusional with the same idea's.
That's probably why link See's Azu as a threat

you can most likely see why I think there the same person.


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Link's style

Poses as people

beats around the bush until there's a war

declares war on people who he thinks are stupid

Gets close to people easily

Gets paranoid easily

uses mules to invade clans

Fallows people around [true idk its what Ive herd]

thinks that people who don't like him are stupid & should be out of the picture [threat to him]

Rushes & leaves deatails out or makes mistakes


He stopped swearing when Nova appeared
He ended the nova investigation & blamed it on Aost.

I think

He is defiantly sexiest, I don't like the way he works ether. He seems to let his paonia take over along with his ego. Sorry to say but that's what I've seen threw his past.

He chooses to make these ridiculous bluffs. That he refuses to admit were false. a good percent of the time he doesnt know what in hell's name he's talking about.

I think hi idea with all these mules are flat out stupid. You can't be smart if you get a reputation threw using mules. Its a p***y job. to run around using mules.
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