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I draw cat_3nodding

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I love cats, but can't have one of my own crying

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For those of you who have seen my signature picture, I've had my ears sewn up since then emotion_bandaid

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My favorite sailor scout is Sailor Mars blaugh

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I am happily taken heart

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This is what I look like when I prowl the forums: perpetually confused eek

Curious? Just ASK
Find me on Tumblr: YEWFY.COM

This is my new account: Yewfy was banned T__T



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BaaLaRising Report | 08/30/2012 5:56 pm
haha I decided to go to culinary school instead.
But than I gt married and had a baby so I'm not going until now.
BaaLaRising Report | 08/30/2012 5:43 pm
Yes :3

Listen to me, I almost went to college. I know these things.
BaaLaRising Report | 08/30/2012 5:40 pm
i just think you are so cute
idc if ppl tell you that all the time here on creepy gaia
it be true
/aborts misson
twinkhie Report | 08/30/2012 1:11 pm
Hahaha thanks! And yeah style is pretty weird I guess...
twinkhie Report | 08/30/2012 1:05 pm
Ahh! I love forever 21 too but I can never find things to put together, seems to me you've figured out how. hahaha.

It's a cute style! I wish I could pull it off as well as you sigh.
twinkhie Report | 08/30/2012 1:00 pm
you also have adorable clothes- where do you shop? emotion_kirakira
twinkhie Report | 08/30/2012 12:55 pm
you are honestly one of the prettiest people i've ever seen.
also, you seem like someone i'd want to be like.
D0RIT0S Report | 08/13/2012 11:19 pm
No problem boo heart heart 4laugh
Alukarj Report | 08/13/2012 7:48 pm
I can't get over the angry look with your knife and fork, ready to dish out anything that comes across you and your baconstache. lol
The Kasuka Report | 10/09/2011 7:04 pm
The Kasuka
I've been following you for a whiiiile.
Just haven't seen your posts apparently.