Fat chicks love me wrote me a Haiku
They cower in fear
Le Wild Derpina Appears
When she throws her spears

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Milk on my cereal

Report | 09/25/2013 1:25 am

Milk on my cereal

happy birthday Derp xd
`xInnocent Tearzx

Report | 08/01/2013 5:32 pm

`xInnocent Tearzx

Random comment 4laugh
Uhort Vidr

Report | 11/20/2012 10:57 am

Uhort Vidr

A warriors sent to another world
He is told to train in the art of death
Given a radio to operate and a weapon to kill with
They have orders to send him to a foreign land to take another's breath.

Having been denied twice now the pleasure of a womans hand
He must leave his only flesh and blood after loosing both loves
To reach the lands of sand to engage in war and spill his or another's blood
Yet out of mind his previous love was until a message was received
Now he wonders about the message what it means.

Putting it out of his mind and focusing on his work
He builds his body sculpting himself into a killer
To avenge his mothers death and the unfairness his life does give
He seeks retribution through death in battle, he must not live.

His work nearing completion his mind set on his goal
He knows now his true purpose in life which was given to him a birth
He is meant to give his life for another's return through blood and through strife
He was never meant to love, never meant to bare child
He was meant to grow untamed to society, to be war mongering and wild.

So as he turns his sights on his destiny, his glory, his task
He no longer bothers the gods with the things others ask
for love and for fortune, for happiness and power, for riches and joy
these being the petty dreams of little girls and boys
His request is much simpler and much for selfless
He only wishes that which worth what his life is.

He knows he will die, he knows that time draws near
He comes to that acceptance without hesitation or fear
He understands now the ways of lifes' paths
So now standing before deaths door, he raises his weapon and laughs.

Ushered to the gates of death and destruction
his weapons blazing in fury his soul bent of resurrection
He'll charge pell mell into death and make it wish it was dead
For when he dies his mother will return to take his life in his stead.

Farewell mortal coils farewell mortal shell
with it's desires and needs as you are you shall burn up in hell
As for me, i will be welcomed to a place serene filled with brothers and sisters who shared a like dream
i shall reside in Valhalla awaiting the time where my services to mankind are needed again
watching over all of them with caring an love yet receiving none in return because i won't be down here
i'll be above.
Uhort Vidr

Report | 11/20/2012 8:03 am

Uhort Vidr

...any particular reason why you've suddenly decided i'm worthy enough to talk to?
last i remember you told me never to talk to you again....why the change? question
Uhort Vidr

Report | 11/20/2012 7:24 am

Uhort Vidr

germany is pretty interesting so far.but with deployment coming next summer, i don't get to see much right now...after deployment is when i'll get my chances to travel....but...yea...i'm making it, i suppose...going at this alone is really hard.
Uhort Vidr

Report | 09/07/2012 9:25 pm

Uhort Vidr

A warriors return
A broken dream,
A new outlook
A soldiers scream.

Life has been lost
Love has been taken
Training for death
To take others' breath.

Standing now as a true warrior,
A killer of men
Standing Alone on the hill
Alone once again.

He takes note of his old loves presence and turns away from the only regret in his life.
A woman from old times who mothered his child, now fitted to be his wife till either were dead, he wished with his heart none the less that it had been you in her stead.


Report | 06/03/2012 10:43 pm


you're not using this account anymore?? gonk
Dr Dizzy Mario

Report | 05/23/2012 1:17 am

Dr Dizzy Mario


Report | 05/22/2012 12:52 am


I haven't seen you in forever.
Why? gonk

Report | 05/07/2012 9:52 pm


Your welcome


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