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Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/11

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yum_puddi Welcome to Black `I`! yum_puddi

yum_coffee A few Common Questions yum_coffee

Q. Do you accept offers?
emotion_dowant A. Depends on the offer. emotion_dowant

Q. Do you give discounts?
emotion_awesome A. Yes, to friends & family. emotion_rainbow
(Just don`t be rude & I might give you one.)

Q. Would you sell a gift from a friend?
emotion_donotwant A. Nope, never. emotion_nope

Q. Why is your store called ` Black `I` `?
emotion_puke A. A inside joke. emotion_awesome

emotion_ghost Note: My store is usually empty. emotion_ghost
(Cause I`m inactive & lazy busy.)

For Visitors
yum_puddi Thanks for coming to Black `I`! yum_puddi

For Shoppers
emotion_bigheart Thanks for shopping at Black `I`! emotion_bigheart

emotion_bigheart yum_strawberry yum_puddi yum_tea yum_puddi yum_strawberry emotion_bigheart


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【 About Le Duski 】

About Le Duski

- Anti-social

- Shy around

- Can be rude

- Likes dogs

- Loves creepypastas
& horror stories

- Loves music

- Easily feels embarrassed

- Hates summer

- Likes rain

- Likes drawing

- Loves winter

- Loves romance

- Annoying
( ~ w o )

- Childish

- Weird
( o w o )

- Salty

- Likes watching other
people's drama
yum_tea ( u w u )

& That's all you
need to know about me.

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【 Signature 】

"Sharing is care."
Why should I share?
I don't care.

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Le Duski





Le Duski

Le Duski

Welcome to the Darkness.