I am a very harsh rater. I rarely give out rates above 7 / 10. Want to see if yours is good? PM me <3

    Rates (since 19/06/07) :

    "9/10. I like yours and i don't know why. I think it has to do with the long hair and shirt" by Lord Narthax.

    "Some more gold towards the bottom of the feet would be nice.
    :] 9/10, also. xD" by B a b e h Doll.

    "7/10... I honestly dun feel a pattern with it. The randomness doesn't work. The order you put them in does help, but color wise it just doesn't work." by Nurion.

    "you need red at your feet and at the top of your head. Also more white throughout. your hair is like a HUGE white splotch and then you barely have any anywhere else. Also, more gold or get rid of all of it. a golden locket, gold pocket watch, or the various gold anklets/armlets would serve you well. Also, red socks will help with the red at your feet. There are a couple red options for your head. First suggestion would be "that 90s red visor" or whatever its called, but some people don't like that (I do) but there are lots of red head items. Just try to make sure it matches. As for more white at the bottom, the white leggings (like I'm wearing) layer well with most everything and also provide the necessary white when its needed.
    This isn't bad, but needs some work ^^
    6.5/10" by Kenta Hikari.

    "10/10 everything matched perfectly." by kitpop.

    "It looks good just take out the gold ankle or add more gold. Kinda spread it out. 8/10" by 96shabobo69.

    Like every thing on your avi
    it goes together well." by |~uchimaru~|.

    "Thank you [:
    I like your crown [:
    Too much white on top.
    8/10 ." by wrong_window.

    "I give you a 7/10, You matched it well but it's not really my style." by Squix.

    "5/10 its very chaotic put mor whitye and the bottom all the white is at the top and if u r gonna use three colors use them equally." by Mimi Cherry Berry.

    "4/10 Add more gold Guitar is random." by Difficilis.

    "I actually really like yours, I see looks like yours but not exactally like it, I really like it. I like how you added the anklet with the crown it defiantly balances it out 9 1/2 /10 ." by RinsenTwilight.

    i normally dont like that color scheme
    but it looks cute on your avatar " by Alyssuh.

    "I really like yours, Really colorful and matching too 10/10 " by Miss Vinn

    It's put together really well.
    And the color scheme is lovely. " by Sexual Cooking Hazard.

    "8/10 I think that some more white on the bottom, or more black on the top will help out. To me is seems a bit off balanced at the moment. All in all it is nice though. " by Anriya.

    I like the colors... " by TwistedKENTON.

    "The only things I don't like about your avi is the uneven scatter of white, it seems a bit uneven. I don't like how your tail is covered up by the scarf, not much you can do about that though. It seems like it's not very well kept, everything is random but a few things, but~ everything is a pretty good match. I just don't really like it.. I'm not saying it's bad, just not something I'd want/like.

    6/10. " by Dante Gunn.

    "The only things I'm not too into are the eyepatch and the guitar. But I like the colour contrast. And... I like your s/n, because it's pretty much awesome. =3

    7.5/10 " by Loyal Canine.

    i like it quite a bit. <3 " by R.e.m.o.n.

    "I like yours ^^ Matches really well. And I like the items!
    9.5/10 " by Ra!nbow Spr!nkles.

    "I'd give you a 8." by [.Squirrely.].

    "And I like your avi. It matches really well. 8.7/10 " by Suicidal_Orgasmic_Penguin.

    Thanks to all! <3

    The Avatars rated above 7 / 10

    -wrong_window (Scored 7 / 10)

    About MEH (and only Meh.)

    Status: Taken by Yuki - kun. (<3)

    Name: Shiryoku Ren. (Shiryoku is not my real name, Ren is my real family name though.)
    Nickname: Renny, Shi.
    Age: 14 (going on 15), Sec. 3, 9th grade.
    Nationality: Asian, Chinese
    Eye color: Deep Black.
    Hair color: Brownish.
    Height: 5.42 feet, 165 cm, 1.65 m, whatever...
    Birthday: November 12th. (so, am Scorpio)
    Favorite colors: Red. Silver.
    Favorite Sports: Soccer. Tennis.
    Favorite Class: Gym <3
    Class I dislike: History and Geography


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User Image Cedez

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Awesome ava. I love how everything goes good together. I give it a 10! and 2 thumbs up!

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Hey! :]

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10-15ggs to help me get red street pants! Or at least the match to my manties, the red web bustier, to complete my avvie!

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It definetly has. How have you been??

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Hello friend! =)
Mikami  Kira

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Mikami Kira

yu have a awesome avatar
Zephyr TruFeld

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Zephyr TruFeld


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How are you?

I have'nt spoken to you in awhile. =)

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MOO!? Yay! *eats cookies* ^.^


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