My name is *$#@

I'm &%$#@ years old.

What you need to know about me personally is none of your business.

Just know I don't take s**t and if you're the type that causes unnecessary drama I will delete and block your a**. stare

Please dont tell me to trust you, because I wont. You may be a nice person, but people in the past sort of messed that up for you.

Um, I do not tolerate perverts, except if you're Kazuki-chan, then you're fine. Anyone else is getting blocked.

I'm not on here most of the time so dont send me guild requests unless I really know you otherwise I'm most likely to ignore them.

If you send me a msg give me some time to answer. It's like I said, I'm not on usually so gimme some time. sweatdrop

One more thing...DONT fall in love with me. I'm not saying I'm that good of a person for you to be attatched to me or whatever, but I'm just saying.
You're going to get hurt so please save us both the trouble. gonk

Other then then that yeah....I do have a facebook. Eh, I'll tell you in inbox if you want it. It's not my real one but for you children it will do.
I also have a twitter, but no one is allowed to see that. You might stalk me and s**t .-.

Well anyway, enjoy heart