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Spooky Steve Report | 05/31/2007 3:54 pm
Random comment! =3
ryuga0 Report | 04/05/2007 9:57 am
Islander_penny Report | 03/30/2007 2:24 am
Lawza has been banned, even though she only uses Gaia to talk to her friends and isn't allowed to download anything without her parents' consent (so how could she use a program to bot?). While she gets the ban sorted out, she won't be able to go on Gaia. Great birthday present, eh? (her birthday is on Easter, just so you know ^_^ )
The email was a great shock to her and her sister was also banned for the same thing, probably because they have the same I.P and use the same computer.
Mari Lambo Report | 03/19/2007 5:47 am
no problem ^^
Mari Lambo Report | 03/17/2007 11:04 am
hi lawza ^^
Lawza Report | 03/02/2007 8:03 pm
That's great!
Vicious_little_ninja Report | 01/19/2007 3:00 pm
yes ive been well thanks!
Lawza Report | 01/17/2007 5:19 am
Thank you. Have you been well, too?
Vicious_little_ninja Report | 01/15/2007 10:35 pm
im glad to see that youve been well blaugh
Lawza Report | 01/10/2007 11:57 pm
Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that. +_+
If you really want to win maybe you should create something different that you know everybody else will like and use people's comments to help make the avatar better (the useful comments, anyway) . It's always worthwhile to go through the comments because you might not have had enough items, etc. Better luck next time! ^_^
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Ah, I'm seeing double!

Ah, I'm seeing double!

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^^ I have candy, does anybody want some nice candy from a nice, freaky-looking stranger? Muahahaha!

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Kneel before my sister!!!