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Ahegao Senpai Report | 05/29/2022 12:54 am
Ahegao Senpai
.....damn dinner at 10??? you really wildin there. I mean it was 10 for me here in Cali when you posted that 🤣
duuuude I use to work in a job like that. it was a warehouse job where your dream were basically crushed to the death. so it was at the point where ppl just showed up in their pjs cause they were so soul crushed by the graveyard shift 😭🤣
go to Walmart. you won't feel out of place there 🤣🤣
I feel you on that sweats and shirt when having to make a quick run to the store. like most of the time I don't really bother shaving my smancy leg hairs (only do that for social events ) so yah at the point I've gotten use to going out in public with em. you can imagine the fun stares I'd get with them hairs 😂

when your birthday??
Ahegao Senpai Report | 05/24/2022 11:25 pm
Ahegao Senpai
I barely go out so I guess that's why I just sleep in em so im the same too. its like why bother changing everyday if I don't really go out? 🤣
course I do change when I have to go out!

lmao get em. can't say I blame you! although most parents can be clueless on what ahegao is. 🤣
Ahegao Senpai Report | 05/09/2022 9:24 pm
Ahegao Senpai
I know but I'm a lazy pj type where I just sleep in what I wore for the day sweatdrop
I'd be amazed if I saw someone wore that at my former job lmfao. My mom didn't know what an ahegao face was so she actually came close to getting me ahegao face shoes and really wanted me to wear em to work. I had to explain what they were. She was quite embarrassed and had to cancel the order lol
Ahegao Senpai Report | 05/09/2022 7:08 pm
Ahegao Senpai
Well ******** thank you emotion_donotwant emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Omg really?? Dude like give me your pj lmfao xd
I have an ahegao that I like to wear and s**t all the stares I'd get are hilarious xd
Ahegao Senpai Report | 05/09/2022 6:26 pm
Ahegao Senpai
Omg I adore your avi so much emotion_0A0 emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
ladybugpicnic Report | 05/04/2022 6:49 pm
thank u heart
Jiynn Report | 05/01/2022 9:51 pm
✧*:・゚ Thanks for buying ~ Please come again *:・゚✧

danmei Report | 04/22/2022 6:29 pm
thanks so much for the purchase!
´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊ ur avi is adorable. heart
Chocofreak13 Report | 03/18/2022 5:30 pm
thanks for purchasing. -w-
Louise Papineau Report | 03/11/2022 9:35 pm
Louise Papineau
Ty for shopping at my shop!


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    Hi. I used to be Lavender248 for the longest time.
    Call me Lavny. Or Lavy. Or Lav. I like cats. (^▽^)ノ
    I'll show you my cats if you show me yours redface


    Q: Name?
    A: Guess my name for 100k plat / 1tril gold. I dare you. ಥ ◡ ಥ

    Q: Age?
    A: I like to refer to myself as a millennial-zoomer.

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: Cali.

    Q: How would you and/or others describe you?
    A: "Scumbag." - Byunghuns 6/14/2013 ❤

    Q: Outside contact info?
    A: Lol. No. I will cut you. Maybe. (◕ ◡ ◕✿)

    I'm nice. I swear. ◕ ◡ ◕